[Applied Psychology] Working Through Unmotivation

Even when we know our successes are completely based on the effort we give, and we fully understand the fragility of life, there are still days and moments where it’s difficult to put in the work. We get sick, tired, and lazy. It is easier to idle. That’s when I think about how wasted time ends up disappearing forever and writing during those moments where I’ve felt unmotivated have led to some really inspirational stuff.

It might be easier to use recent events as examples.

Between the heat and allergies from the Pain in the Grass festival yesterday, I probably caught something, because I’ve been sneezing and tired today. It’s not enough to stop me. Just general inconvenience. Not getting enough sleep then subconsciously eating more food than usual to boost my energy levels could make matters worse. More general situational stress than normal. Hearing about the death of a family friend I last talked with two months ago, to put it mildly, put a damper on the day.

All that led to a rather unfulfilled Sunday afternoon.

Like Dr. Mindbender in the photo above, which was in-progress photo taken while composing the shot for a post, we all suffer the weights of various stresses represented by Fearless Photog. It’s up to us to decide that we’re going to try give it a good fight! Like The Rock in the background, there are those in the background that might be around, and yet are unwilling, unable, or unknowing that you need help getting back into your regular mode. You’re the one to know your limits of motivation, too.

You can’t be “on” all the time. You’d overheat, for one.

So it’s all about strategic pacing. Not feeling well and work is stacking up? What’s the easiest thing to tackle? Sending off that email to get a conversation going? Cleaning your kitchen? Brushing your teeth? Taking your vitamins? If none of these seem easy, take a nap for one hour. Sure, you might be entertained wasting that time zoning out like a zombie to online content, it’s just that time won’t get you closer to your goals. At least sleep will help replenish your energy levels so you can get back to it!

Still feeling unmotivated after resolving your physiology and safety?

Change direction! I wanted to write about eye contact and didn’t feel like staging a “show, don’t tell” shot as I did with interest and disinterest. That’s shelved for now. Of course that’s easy for creative, unstructured pursuits. How about compulsory work and duties? If there’s no ambiguity then you just do the work or chop it down until it’s easier to understand how to do the work. If there’s ambiguity, have a chat with the boss, lead, or assigner to clarify how they’d like the work to be done.

Motivation is all about completing tasks.

It’s not this romantic concept. You don’t need to seduce motivation to convince you to do work.

You just need to start. Anywhere.

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)