[Rowing Machine] 1/2 ‘for’ $0.00

“Before, I’d plow through this [meal] even if I wasn’t hungry.” Eat until you’re no longer hungry. Don’t eat until you’re full. Especially do not stuff your stomach with food! Consciously considering boxing a quarter or half of the meal you order at a restaurant is like getting half of your meal for free. You’ll spread the meal out over more time. It’s also less weight you have to lift and carry around with you.

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[Rowing Machine] Two Five Five

I’m starting to see a difference! If I were to say that I have the body of a fat rower now, that’d be kind of pretentious, but it’s the best way for me to phrase it. I was merely overweight before, deceptively obscured perhaps as credit to the fitness of my early 20s, and now I’m starting to see some of that same fit physique. Other than vanity, I have seen other results as well.

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[Rowing Machine] .250 1/4″

I might change this weekly column’s title. The main factor is how much value I think publishing these weekly updates as a self-help book could bring to a wider audience. It might have too many random philosophical musings and it’s also not as exciting a journey as the one I made in my 20s, the “Sixty Pounds in Six Months” Story, yet my 30s casual weight-loss pace could help others start drilling toward their goals.


[Rowing Machine] Two Five Six

This weekly rowing column has kept me on track. The fortnightly weigh-in yielded positive results, going from 258.8 to 255.8 pounds, and I’ve been able to increase my endurance to the point where I rowed through most of Jodorowsky’s Dune. I am completely exhausted now, and might wake up sore, so normally it’d be time for most to be idle. That’s dangerous thinking! You should always be either working toward your goals or sleeping. Why?


[Rowing Machine] 0:33:22

Missed yesterday’s post. That broke the 41-day run. Also missed both rowing sessions, which happens more often. My writing quality went down so it was good to have the day off. In this week’s column about main exercise, some about diet, and hinting at general healthy lifestyles, let’s talk about how exercise is in a sense like exorcising those stress demons that can lead to missing days, lacking self confidence, and how to conquer them.


[Rowing Machine] Two Six Zero

I’ve held my weight steady, from 260 to 258.8 pounds, since that weigh-in last month. That might be disappointing news if I were exercising as frequently as I was initially. I’ve just been relying on eating slightly better, because let’s face it, you don’t become overweight because you never find any tasty food. Since this weekly column is dedicated to better physical health, let’s brainstorm ways to incorporate regular exercising routines into the sedentary lifestyle.

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[Rowing Machine] 2017/02/17

For this week’s rowing column, let’s talk about motivation. Why exert so much effort in the process of rowing? Why exhaust yourself? Why try when it’s not surpassing your best? External motivation is temporary. Internal motivation remains when the inspiration is from a visceral moment in your past. As I was taking some photos on the morning of February 17th 2017, I realized that I was being hindered, and that it was time to get motivated.

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[Rowing Machine] 246 > 0

Compared to last week when I obliterated my anaerobic times, I ramped down. I could blame external frustrations like a float tank session leaving me uncharacteristically stiff, dealing with bad newsfeeling ill, or prioritizing my time in the mostly sedentary sport of writing. It’s good to acknowledge those excuses. It’s better to prevent excuses from reaching your goals. Dust them off, like my rowing machine below, and let’s brainstorm some ideas to get back to it!

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[Rowing Machine] 50, Buck Ten!

Fifty rows in a minute and thirteen seconds! That shattered my previous record of 1:16, which happened after my best 10 minute count, helping a buddy move house, and working late to finish a review. I hadn’t pushed myself that hard in years! So this update was originally going to focus on pacing and the importance of having time off to recuperate mind and body. Then something I couldn’t believe happened.

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[Rowing Machine] Two Sixty Seven

Two hundred and sixty seven. The most I’ve ever weighed at just around six foot. The last time I let myself go this badly was coincidentally around a time I could easily join a training program that taught about general health and specific fitness. I burned sixty pounds in six months. Gaining the weight back was inconsistency and a little more, so now that I’m back at rowing and thinking healthier, here’s what works for me.

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