[The Story] Conflicts Versus Peace

Conflicts typically suck. They do make for interesting topics to talk about so long as we don’t pull anyone under while fighting off those demons. In this week’s brainstorming update to The Story, we’ll cover some of the formative conflicts the main characters John (sword) and Trishna (spear) encountered before the main events of the narrative and cover future plot points. As always, ideas are subject to change once the formal writing begins; no ETA.

(Highlight to reveal spoilers: Like this!)

[The Story] Hobbies Include Photography

Trishna (seated below) and John are lingering characters in my subconscious that need to be exorcised in a narrative to do them justice tentatively titled The StoryLast week’s brainstorming presented an external exercise to build nuance. Since they’re represented by LEGO minifigs, and I have more than a humble collection, why not let them inform The Story? In this first exercise, a mystery bag revealed a Wildlife Photographer. How interested are they in photography?

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[The Story] Searching for Friends

“What kind of friends do they have?” Most of my brainstorming efforts have been developing the personalities and relationship between Trishna and John, the main characters of the story tentatively titled The Story shown below, so let’s talk more about hypothetical background characters or potential situations that may appear during the currently unwritten story. Narratives, after all, combine characters, story, and premise, and some narratives like Final Fantasy VI feature an ensemble cast of friends.

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[The Story] Reading Then Writing

Continuing last week’s brainstorming update to The Story, let’s muse on the reading habits of the main characters John and Trishna, along with how their reading material might affect their writing and maybe even actions. Once the narrative structure takes shape, then these character hypotheticals will be thoroughly marked should there be any spoilers, and please note that any major details within could change. The after-jump details are merely good framing devices to get The Story going.

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[The Story] Rowing Up More

Unlike previous brainstorming updates to The Story with collaged ideas about varied topics, this will focus on how exercise relates to the main characters John and Trishna. There will be deeper background into both characters below, however not extending much past the beginning of the intended narrative, so consider this week’s update a spoiler-free character developing exercise.

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[The Story] Plush Without Spoilers

I’m testing an idea of peppering rewardingly time-consuming content like reviews between content I can write quickly, like updates to The Story, with the goal of getting those creative gears moving more efficiently. These updates to The Story will be spoiler-free because after all I haven’t decided the formal name let alone began writing it yet, When I do, I’ll use a tag, and until then here’s my recent brainstorming and musings after the jump.

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[The Story] Public Transit Content

I’ve retreated back to the comfort of infrequently producing ambitious content. While possibly better than producing inconsequential content frequently, I should work on a balance, so here’s an update to The Story. These two LEGO minifigs roughly represent the main characters: John holding a bus rail with his good hand, Trishna in her yellow wheelchair. Most of my recent brainstorming revolves around this transit theme.

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[The Story] Shall… We Update?

I realized two things since my last update on The Story. I need to be writing as much as I possibly can and I don’t have a formal sell for “what it’s all about.” Maybe it’s a massive oversight that I only just started to dig into “the why” of why it’s an important story to tell. There are so many stories out there. So what? Why bother throwing effort into this idea, rather than say try to build my career or live comfortably?

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[The Story] Grime and Glitter

Maybe I won’t write weekly about The Story. (My ambitious project that I’ve been planning since high school.) Occasional updates will keep me focused on engaging in material that will inform or help me practice writing material that may eventually contribute to The Story. I’ll outline the summary of the progress I’ve made since my last update after the quick photograph of the two Star Wars characters I’ll modify to reflect the characters John and Trish[n]a:

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