[Series Review] Keijo!!!!!!!! (2016)

Keijo!!!!!!!! parodies the most absurd ideas from martial arts (Dragon Ball Z) and other series (Ren and Stimpy) to invent a logically impossible new sport. Keijo is a more titillating version of wrestling, featuring pretty women competing in seductive swimsuits, and almost acts as the counterbalance to the ice skating series Yuri!!! on Ice, featuring handsome men competing in seductive clothing. Does Keijo!!!!!!!! exceed potentially being irredeemably exploitative or even misogynist to deliver a compelling Exploitation-styled premise?

Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5]
Episode Spoiler Synopses:
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[The Story] Grime and Glitter

Maybe I won’t write weekly about The Story. (My ambitious project that I’ve been planning since high school.) Occasional updates will keep me focused on engaging in material that will inform or help me practice writing material that may eventually contribute to The Story. I’ll outline the summary of the progress I’ve made since my last update after the quick photograph of the two Star Wars characters I’ll modify to reflect the characters John and Trish[n]a:

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[Concert Reviews] Favorite Concerts of 2016

I didn’t see as many concerts in 2016 as I did in previous years. Maybe career development, working on this site, and an oversaturation of lukewarm concerts in 2015 dissuaded me? I did see some memorable performances in 2016, intend to attend new venues, and especially want to get outside my concert comfort zone in 2017.

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[Album Reviews] 2016 Albums as I Heard Them

Since 2008, I’ve participated in a game of hearing as many albums released in that year as possible, and I’ve incorporated my own stipulations: no greatest hits albums with an unreleased song, no archival releases by posthumous musicians, and re-releases of albums officially released in another year don’t count. The complete list of the 104 albums I heard is over at my RateYourMusic account.

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[Concert Review] The Pretty Reckless (2016)

While studio albums should be the benchmark for a band’s sound, they can also be deceptive because studio producers can meticulously edit and readjust the recordings to sound impossibly perfect. Though listening to live recordings can help gauge how well they’ll perform live, and by now The Pretty Reckless have recorded three good hard rock albums, sometimes you just have to gamble and see a band live.

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Series Review: Parks and Recreation (Season 1, 2009)

Parks and Recreation awkwardly follows government employee Leslie Knope as she suffocates this series with cringe comedy. Leslie is delusional in the face of adversity, which would be inspiring, if not for her accidentally manipulative tactics. The complete lack of situational awareness is so unbearable that even likeable characters like deadpan April Ludgate and snarky Ron Swanson cannot redeem this trainwreck. Halfway into episode three “The Reporter,” I had to stop watching, because I realized this show is the television equivalent of my least favorite movie, the intellectually offensive I Heart Huckabee. Parks and Recreation is painful to watch.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ [0/5]

The Story: Behind The Post

Writing last week about (working title) The Story helped me focus on brainstorming new ideas. Maybe I’ll turn this into a weekly feature? There is the problem that once you write an idea, it may be pinned down to that iteration rather than given a chance to fully develop, so there is the balance between spending years coming up with fully developed ideas like I have been doing and just saying “here are some rough drafts, and they’ll probably change once I’m ready.”

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