[Series Review] Castlevania (Episode 3 and 4, 2017)

We rushed through the last two episodes of this acceptable yet underwhelming first season of the Castlevania animated series. Still, the loose adaption of the videogames isn’t all that bad. It’s just there were some avoidable hindrances preventing the show from being truly great. The poorly-drawn foot pictured below summarizes the majority opinion, however, it’s not all pitfalls.

[Concert Review] Warped Tour 2017

Until GWAR signed onto the Warped Tour, I hadn’t been interested in attending the all-day pop rock and punk festival. Festivals are a convenient way to see twenty bands you’re halfway interested in seeing live along with two you want to see. It was a bummer finding out Anti-Flag and Suicide Machines were only for select dates. Was it worthwhile otherwise?
Sidenote: “Low priced” 32-ounce bottle of water for $5.50? More disgusting than GWAR! (Try $2.)

Average Rating: ★★☆☆☆ [2/5] [37 stars out of a 90 possible star rating]
Adjusted Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5] [my score]

[Concert Review] Xandria (2017)

When do you strike it out on your own? That question applies for entrepreneurial-minded people in any industry, really, especially those who don’t enjoy living under a boss, rules that aren’t their own, and all that. Conversely, when you’re under the tutelage of another, let’s focus on bands now, you can pick up on what works and what doesn’t work. Xandria may have jumped the gun too soon with this headlining endeavor for one reason.


[Concert Review] Testament, Sepultura (2017)

One problem with enjoying a wide variety of music is that inevitably two performers will play on the same night. Since I’ve seen both Testament and Acid Mothers Temple live, it was just more practical properly seeing Testament live since I already bought tickets, even though I’m a bigger AMT fan. As it turns out, Year of the Cobra was performing the same night, so regardless I would have been missing out. Was it worthwhile?


[Concert Review] Year of the Cobra (2017)

You’ve gotta start somewhere. Year of the Cobra, along with other bands expanding the Seattle sound into heavier territory like Wounded Giant and Devils Hunt Me Down, could eventually boil over into wider acclaim. They’re tenacious enough to perform as much as they can. Fill the opening “local band” slot for some rock bands that don’t sound anything like you? Sure! Any opportunity to practice, refine and develop their sound, aiming to win new fans and solidify existing fans.

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[Grime/Glitter] Deflecting the Haters

The hardest thing you can do is be yourself. When you forgo your group’s identity, your duty becomes protecting you and yours rather than relying on others. You have to be ready to defend yourself against those who take potshots at your newly solidified identity. Let’s expand from a specific example: about three hundred people have illegitimately attempted to break into this website within the last ten days and you know what? They failed miserably!

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[Concert Review] Reel Big Fish and Anti-Flag (2017)

Even if you’ve seen a band before and enjoyed them, you should always go in with low expectations. Either they or the other bands on the bill could disappoint. There is also not enough conversation about how boring concerts can be: the downtime before the show, breakdown and setup between bands, and even during the show if the band doesn’t engage the audience. I’ve seen Anti-Flag now three times. How did they fair?

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[Concert Review] Powerman 5000 (2017)

Powerman 5000 were briefly popular close to twenty years ago. They’re probably only remembered for “When Worlds Collide,” and quickly fell out of favor to new flavors, which is a shame because each of the now four times I’ve seen them live have been exciting and perhaps even inspirational. Rather than headlining their usual stop at the venerable El Corazón, they opened for their contemporary Orgy at the dodgy Studio Seven. Was that downgrade enough to ruin the fun?

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[Concert Review] The Pretty Reckless (2016)

While studio albums should be the benchmark for a band’s sound, they can also be deceptive because studio producers can meticulously edit and readjust the recordings to sound impossibly perfect. Though listening to live recordings can help gauge how well they’ll perform live, and by now The Pretty Reckless have recorded three good hard rock albums, sometimes you just have to gamble and see a band live.

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