[Negotiation Etiquette] Highballing and Lowballing

If there’s one common theme running throughout this etiquette series, it’s the DBAD concept: Don’t Be A Dick. That might be difficult to navigate when negotiating the price of anything from a cheap action figure or vehicle to salary because most people want a good deal. Markets change and the value of a vehicle or marketable skill can depreciate greatly. Let’s explore, among other ideas, three examples of successfully or unsuccessfully paying the asking price.


[Tape Review] Sub Pop Video Network Program 1

My first entry to the Better Zombie catalog eight months ago was a proto “Thrifting Adventures” post about a thrift shop I like and some stuff I got there. I made this review and forgot about it. As I’ve been clearing out my backlog, upped my lightbox game, and strengthened my reviewing skills, I figure I’ll add to that practice and get this review of the Sub Pop Video Network Program 1 tape in the can.

Bias: Huge Nirvana fan
Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5]

[Toy Review] WWE Zombies 1: The Rock (ZMB1-02)

If the concept behind zombies, and their permeation into popular culture, fascinate you, yet wrestling does not, would the WWE Zombies line of action figures be a good launching point into better appreciating the hobby? Maybe not in terms of suddenly becoming interested in wrestling. Just gaining more of an appreciation. I started with Dwayne Johnson because he’s about as good a candidate as any to test those waters having long broken free from being strictly shackled to wrestling as The Rock.

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[Toy Review] Subjective Review Structure

There’s this idea that once we grow up we should put away our childhood. Why? Who’s to say that those of us that once enjoyed MOTU, TMNTG.I. Joe, and X-Men toys cannot continue to enjoy them? How about going further to create, recreate, or critique action figures? Let’s explore this idea further in future posts, perhaps in reviews hinted at with this preview photo? Until then, here’s our subjective review structure.

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Bin Store: MOTU Jigsaw Puzzle

An offensive smell bombarded the Goodwill Outlet store. Part of the morning duties for the front-end staff involve spraying down the halls. Catching a good whiff can bring me back to my back-end work for competitor Value Village where I’d jump into trailers to salvage donations, receive donations, and clean. I can’t tell you how many destroyed jigsaw puzzles I swept into the trash. At least one per week, if not daily, because the box wasn’t taped or it fell apart. So that smell was probably the result of a stinker causing this humble piece of pop culture to explode.

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Amazing Heroes: Mutant Mindsurfer’s Dare

In order to live a fulfilling life, you should dare yourself to make decisive decisions based on your own desires, rather than the desires of others. I could have surfed to a networking event that I didn’t really want to attend. The event could have helped me practice flattery to climb the professional ladder or I could have mined for new contacts. I figured I would mutate more value from venerable action figure and comic book store Amazing Heroes, and while I don’t know how that path would have turned out, I don’t regret my choice.

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Rummage Around: Twenty-Five Cent Screwdrivers

When you’re not in a big hurry, and have some general goals in mind, you may find a better outcome than you’d expected. My work bag needed some cross-head (“Phillips”/Thompson) screwdrivers and I figured it would be a good excuse to stop by my favorite pawn shop. I didn’t urgently need more screwdrivers, so happening into a rather new shop at Pike Place Market called Rummage Around – equal parts thrift store, antique shop, and hoarder’s garage sale – was a nice surprise.

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