[Keyboard Kommander] Brainstorming New Ideas

When I attach myself to a new project, be it any paid contract or any work really, I tend to idly brainstorm all these fanciful ideas to improve these projects. I’m better now about not overstepping my boundaries. Since joining the Keyboard Kommander team, I’ve used some idle mental resource time to imagine: what would my ideal typing game include? What could be helpful for humanity? What would make it more than just distracting entertainment?


[The Story] Reading Then Writing

Continuing last week’s brainstorming update to The Story, let’s muse on the reading habits of the main characters John and Trishna, along with how their reading material might affect their writing and maybe even actions. Once the narrative structure takes shape, then these character hypotheticals will be thoroughly marked should there be any spoilers, and please note that any major details within could change. The after-jump details are merely good framing devices to get The Story going.

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[Book Review] Inherent Vice (2009)

After watching Inherent Vice, I was still fascinated with the story, so I finished the novel in a brisk seventeen sittings. We still tag along as private investigator “Doc” Sportello takes on a case like the movie that it inspired, and though much is still the same, there are certain elements that make the novel cooler and crazier at the expense of being more cluttered.

Rating: ★★★★☆ [4/5]
(Highlight to reveal like this spoilers.)
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