Social Media

Here are the social media outlets of Better Zombie:

deviantArt [betterzombie]
My portfolio of favorite/best short stories.

WordPress [betterzombie]
Primarily for backups and comments.

Patreon [betterzombie]
Pay me and I will do magic tricks for you.

Discord [betterzombie or 506480824494063635]
Stop in and chat!

Twitter [betterzombie]
Mainly used for rowing machine stats and occasional blasts.

RateYourMusic [zombiepaper]
I just catalog my albums and put content on there occasionally. I never got into their forums and I don’t like the corporatization direction they’re going.

Backloggery [betterzombie]
Cataloging my videogame collection.

MyAnimeList [zombiepaper]
Cataloging anime I’ve seen.

Instagram [betterzombie]
Neglected. I’d use it more for b-roll content but my photography is in such a disarray and the upload system is terrible. If I want to upload content daily, half of my time would be spent hunched over a little smartphone screen typing in hashtags for them to sometimes wipe out mysteriously.

Tumblr [betterzombie]
Neglected. I was going to use this for more social aspects, but I’d rather generate content than cull content.