Publishing structure

[[NOTE: Until further notice, my focus is on moving. I will try to balance this out with some of my regular columns, but this will be my primary writing focus. I plan to return to this structure after I have relocated.]]

There’s a symmetry to this weekly structure.

No content overloads a certain part of the week, everything balances out rather nicely in my opinion, and here are the kinds of content you can expect to see on Better Zombie:

Sunday: Random essays.
My main focus right now is moving house, so for the next few months, I’ll write about highlights in this adventure in the Moving Zeal series. If there are other more pertinent topics, I’ll publish them instead.

Monday: “The Story
These updates are about taking the ideas I constantly brainstorm and throwing them into some sort of idea bucket. I’ve found that the closer of proximity I have to something and the more I write about something, the more likely I’ll get it done.

TuesdaySammohini Arc
Random short stories building up Sammohini and Jane’s side of “The Story.” The idea behind publishing Sammohini’s short stories on Tuesday, besides T for Troubleshooting, is that when I do technical support, I’ve found that Tuesdays are usually the days when things go wrong. Unless it broke over the weekend.

Wednesday: Rowing Column
I own a rowing machine and I find that if I don’t hold myself accountable for my fitness, I won’t. Writing is a good way to do that. The rowing posts ended up on Wednesday for… well, I forget the reason, but it’s probably in one of the earliest essays. Now it’s a nice hump to the hump day.

Thursday: “The Story
I wanted to write twice a week about “The Story” but I also value diversity. Let’s say I had two updates in a row. That might be boring for some people.

FridaySammohini Arc
I publish Jane’s stories on Friday to have this two-day symmetry during the work week. It’s also tangentially related because when I moved, primarily computers but sometimes furniture, weekend moves would typically start heavy on Friday evenings.

Saturday: Sober Living
I picked Saturday for alliterative reasons, but it’s also because the Friday night highlife is a big deal for many people. Go out drinking with friends after the end of a work week, decompress about that, and then wake up hung over? Did that too often. I was going to call it “Sober Saturdays” for that reason, but, like, man, we should be sober every day.

After I am finished moving, I don’t think I will adjust this structure too much. As of November 2018, when I decided to restructure the website, I liked this weekly structure.