[Applied Self-Confidence] Football versus Football

Let’s say you’re a pretty good football player. You know the sport, you’re fit, train constantly, and show up to every game. You decide to join up with a new team. You meet with the coach to talk about sports, fitness, training, and end up rambling on about dreams and hobbies. It turns out well. You hop aboard this new team. There’s just one problem. You’re a football player and they need a football player.

When these situations happen, you can adapt or move on.

Let’s say you’re a lean, football (as in soccer) player. If you’re willing to adapt, you can put on some muscle, change your routines, and switch sports. It’s probably not a big deal for you if there’s money or security involved that’s too good to pass up.

What if you can’t or won’t adapt?

There’s a certain degree of self-confidence that comes into play that says, “no, I’m not a football (as in gridiron) player, I’m a football player.” There’s risk in that. What if there isn’t another team out there that’s interested in hiring you in?

Well, that was your choice, and it’s time to act.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this is about jobs. Once you’ve figured out that you like playing football well enough, why would you switch to playing baseball or basketball or football? For more money? Security? Status? Fame?

When your football pays the bills, money is irrelevant.

Let the others play their stressful games. Let them suffer through every work week to arrive, exhausted, at Friday. Let them worry about how this or that will turn out. Let them work themselves sick to have the fancy things in life.

We forget that at some point as we grow.

There’s that sense that we put away curiosity in exchange for working proper. No jokes allowed. You can’t enjoy your job because either your peers or your boss will beat you down. You just must endure that stress that you’re gifted with enduring.

We don’t look for new opportunities to find happiness.

Reduce your overall expenditures. Sell that which you don’t need. Move somewhere cheaper. Don’t buy into consumerist beliefs that you must have the new fancy this or the new expensive that. Just enough to get by and live comfortably.

Wouldn’t that make life so much simpler?

There’s that overall sense of adventure with getting the new fancy things or the new expensive things. I’m certainly guilty of that even to this day. I’m constantly looking out for new media to explore, new bands to see, and new experiences to have.

We just need to practice moderation.

There’s the sense that you must forgo your identity as a soccer football player to become something else. Everyone else wants to become a gridiron football player! Why don’t you? We’ve gifted you the golden egg. Why not take it?

Well, that’s the thing.

Your golden egg isn’t my golden egg and visa versa.

What if I’m working toward my diamond egg?

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