[Applied Self-Confidence] I Never Read…!

“I never read…![1]” “I just read one page at a time.[2]” “I can never find the time…![1]” “I read right when I wake up, so I get it out of the way.[2]” “I just can never find the time…[1]” Along with scheduling the time to read, having dedicated space and specific reading plans are important for reading success. Since I tend to adapt to certain environments, if I have a space for reading, I’ll read.

I’m writing this in my reading chair.

I may adjust how this arrangement works long-term, especially if I move into a smaller place, but for now, I have one part of my living room for writing, editing, and other computer-related things, and this part for reading.

I’m reading three different books.

I’m reading “one page per day” of the “self-discovery” book, 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, with Spark Joy by Kondo Marie standing in for my “writing learning” book and after the quake by Murakami Haruki as my “fiction learning” book, which I’ll read at length, along with 4-Hour Body, on my days off work.

I’ll mix it up soon.

After I’m done with Spark Joy, I’ll return to another writing learning book – about screenplays. I’m not sure I like this current system because I am apt to follow impulses with new books, so I might get bored of this process, but I have it in place because there is so much that I want to read for my own personal growth as a person and as a writer.

I think now I can share my secret.

I read first thing in the morning because that’s when I have my peak concentration. Things tend to taper down in the afternoon and by evening I’m exhausted. Not just because of the caffeine. I’m just tired. Plus, you tend not to get people clamoring outside your abode in the early morning.

If I read in the evenings, I’d get nowhere.

I’m also passionate about what I’m reading. After 4-Hour Body is Art of War, which I’ve wanted to read since forever, so if I lose the motivation to finish one book, I can skim or skip because the next one should have my interest lingering longingly in that oh so distant future.

Any changes to this format would be structural.

I might switch my reading chair to the blue chair that matches my red reading chair. I haven’t yet because I keep my books on the cooler between my current reading chair and that one, also this one is less stuffy, and a chair I’m OK with breaking as a way of breaking it in.

I don’t want to store too many books nearby; Just the queues of current three and future three.

Otherwise, I would get overstimulated with potential options. That curiosity would stifle my progress. Also, like everything else, I skip and drop books. For books that aren’t insightful, trash ’em! Their draining unenthusiasm could poison your mind’s curiosity.

When that happens, you’ll never read…

Quotes: [1, 2] A recent conversation which summarizes the sort of identity we hold onto in relation to what we don’t do. It’s the same mentality as “I’m bad at math.” You’re only bad at it because you haven’t practiced. Practice requires time and patience. Similarly, here, if you never read, you never practice the act of reading.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: This is almost an entire summary of a section from “Thirty-Three Years Young,” specifically “Chapter 2: My Usual Coffee.” However, that was more of an aside, where here it was the direct focus. I guess BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content was a subtle inspiration.
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Photos: Showing my current reading arrangements and replacing my morning coffee with an energy drink.
Written On: August 7th [24 minutes, mobile]
Last Edited: August 8th [More editing than I would care to admit, but not enough to be substantial enough to present the mobile first draft. Otherwise, first draft; final draft for the Internet.]

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