[Applied Self-Confidence] Ten Years Ago II

Ten years ago, I became interested in music. Similar to learning about sports, there’s some communicative ubiquity to knowing about music. Everyone usually has some favorite songs, genres, musicians, bands, or albums they want to share. You can gain so much, and not just recommendations, once you find common ground. As you learn more about your hobbies, you become more self-confident. You find your groove. Here are ten things I learned about confidence through music:

  1. Contributions to Knowledge
    My list compiling English-language information on Akira composers Geinoh Yamashirogumi has been viewed 15,515 times. Sometimes I like to think about how, usually ranked between page 1 and 3 of Google, that was for information, not file sharing.
  2. Skipping on Duplicates
    It’s nice going out, finding a good deal, and finding I already own that album. It’s a small example of my past-self looking out, rather than sabotaging, my future-self. That should happen more.
  3. “Paladin of America”
    I originally received the title of Zombie Drunkard of America some eight years ago. Around four years ago, I received a promotion. I hold onto that title as a reminder that with effort we can improve ourselves.
  4. Becoming Geographically Aware
    Through expanding my musical palette beyond radio rock, I added to my music map and I learned about culture and geography. Don’t lament if you didn’t learn it in compulsory education- you can learn it!
  5. Listening to Information
    I put “listening to: information, at every waking moment” instead of some bands. True to life, I ended up spending the last ten years listening to raw information, digesting it, and spitting out the junk.
  6. Years of Data
    Did I listen to more music in 2016 or 2017? What are my favored genres, historically and currently? I’d tell you, but the site is down. That’s why I keep backups- and another reminder why it’s important.
  7. Changing of Opinions
    I hated “Twilight of the Thunder God” on my first spin. Now, Amon Amarth are one of my favorite bands. Frequently encountering that has led me to realize that opinions are flexible and that’s good!
  8. Meeting New Friends
    Meeting people with similar tastes is like becoming instant acquaintances. It’s also fun when people present differing viewpoints because those discussions encourage you to reinforce your opinions and build your self-confidence. “I like them because-”
  9. Topics of Conversation
    Who cares about small talk; what’s your favorite song? Album? Genre? What’s the last concert you attended? The first? Recommend them? What do you listen to when you need to charge into a decisive battle?
  10. Digging Your Potato
    When you find hobbies you dig, it becomes the calm in the storm. When everything else goes wrong, you can temporarily escape into your hobby for a few minutes or hours to wade it out.

Despite how much I think the site’s gone downhill lately, I’ll continue cataloging albums. Probably somewhere else soon because I dig everything about albums. Would I have invested as much effort if I’d known this site’s falterings? In the hobby, yes. I’ve learned so much.

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