[Applied Self-Confidence] You Aren’t Worthless

Self-confidence might be the hardest thing to acquire. You can work at any menial job to get pocket change. Most information is now free, so you can learn practically anything, except, the most important thing of all: you aren’t worthless. Maybe you’re in a jam. Maybe you’re living well. Maybe you’re just OK. If you accept your core being, the good and bad, then any mistakes you make are permissible. We’re imperfect beings, after all!

The best of us have done horrendous things.

Most of us are decent people. We may disagree on trivialities, life directions, or hot-button topics. If we’re around anything long enough, the charm fades, and something begins to stink. The relationship may rot or fade. That’s where even the most solid ship has encountered its rough waters.

Don’t let those disagreements bother you.

We can change anything we want about ourselves, but not without the price of transmutating a negative into a potential positive. It’s a gamble. You might overcome some anxiety at the price of losing treasured friends. What negative bits of yourself can you learn to embrace?

I don’t like everything about my personality.

I’ve accepted my quirks and allow them the room to breathe. If I have an awkward conversation, rather than let it fester, I try to remember that I gave it a try! It may seem rewarding to delete your imperfections. It’s not. It’s better to occasionally show those ugly outtakes of your personality.

That’s why I’m so open about some of my flaws.

It’s cathartic airing out my mistakes. Publishing them online holds me accountable to an almost 100% truth where I have obscured some facts, remembered quotes as best I could, and rearranged the timeline for narrative cohesion. Otherwise, my name and reputation depend on that truth.

Fewer of my flaws lie on my list of weakness now.

Each of the little stress demons I exorcise in exercise, conversation, or writing is one less force to drag me down into darkness. I’ve been through some bad darkness. Days where I wake up feeling like I’m garbage, that I don’t deserve this second chance I’ve got, and that I-

Where was that mantra…

You aren’t worthless.

Maybe you’ve hurt your friends and family. Maybe you don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe you’ve been living a dream and yet everything feels terrible. Each will take you down a different path toward feeling comfortable with being with your worst enemy: yourself.

There is still one way to appease your mortal enemy.

Start a dialogue with yourself or with someone who can help. Explore those thoughts that may appear inappropriately. If they haunt you during calmer moments, like they have for me – terrible, unspeakable, thoughts that torture me – then you must exorcise these stress demons.

If not, they could consume you.

Once I began tempering my stress demons, I converted their negative energy into positive PREMIUM FUEL for increased INNER WORTH and SELF-CONFIDENCE!!!

That introductory photo was “worthless” compared to this clearer Daikaiju photo…

(Note: I’m unaffiliated with Daikaiju.
Just written before their show.)

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.