Toolbox Builds: Gluebox

My favorite pair of shoes are falling apart. They’re past the point of looking professional, and I wanted to repair and customize them, so got this crazy multi-purpose adhesive to try out. I couldn’t sleep two nights ago… so I got the worse shoe, the glue, and learned what not to do. Halfway through, with a hand sticky from glue, a box I did find to prop up the shoe. Another coat of glue and I realized what I should do. Put together a formal glue toolbox and post with further ado.

  • Tools
    • Newspaper: For bigger projects or cleaning up.
    • Paper bags: Might be useful.
    • Scrap paper: Repurposing recyclable print jobs.
    • Napkins: Cleaning up.
    • Gloves: Cheap cloth gloves, though latex would probably work better.
    • Dust mask: More of a reminder that glue smells bad than specifically to use.
  • Glues
    • Cyanoacrylate (“Super Glue”)
    • Crazy chloroprene rubber, solvent, ethyl acetate, and methyl cyclohexane concoction

I’ll work on this post as I research. A non-cited source says unopened glue has a one year shelf life and “one month once opened.” Barge glue showed up frequently. Adam Savage, formerly of Mythbusters, provides a nice list of glues and tools to try with today’s project.

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