[Bettering Zeal] First Temp Shelf?

Last week, I turned these casual updates for improving my home office, “Zeal,” into a minor Project Management case study. I started a Gantt chart, which isn’t interesting enough to display yet, and I began thinking about this renovation project from more of a technical viewpoint. This week’s goal was to set up a temporary shelf to tackle some clutter. Halfway through this activity, however, I identified a reclining pain point, preventing previously planned progress…

If you guessed a recliner taking up space, or were able to decipher this week’s abstract blueprints, you were right! Let’s start at the beginning:

1. Considering Space Restrictions
The problem might have been I didn’t do enough measuring before I set aside the time to get ready to move around furniture. When I had a furniture moving gig in college, we just moved stuff and planned along the way. So that’s probably my moving mindset. Anyways, the available space I had was 81″, and between the new shelf and current shelf, there wouldn’t be enough room for both with the roughly 33″ by 33″ recliner hindrance.

2. Identifying Largest Clutter
Not completely scrapping the plan, I started by addressing a box of random things that became clutter when I freed up the table in “Potential Collaboration Station.” I’m not great at organization, so my natural inclination is moving things around until it becomes tedious, then placing the remaining random clutter into a smaller box. This freed up enough space for me to rearrange the space so I could still make progress toward that temporary shelving.

3. Filing Smaller Clutter
Finding new spots for easy things helps! I moved potential donations elsewhere to consider later. Some old paperwork went to a spot where I can sort through them when I need to recharge my writing concentration on an idle task. Two boxes of unsorted cassettes will join my cassette collection so I can tackle cataloging all at once. I added all of these actions onto my Gantt chart, since they’ll need to be refined later.

4. Good Stopping Point
“To fix things, sometimes, you’ve gotta break them.” With larger sorting actions like this, even if I’m able to contain any potential clutter to a limited space, there’s still a point where I’ll get tired or disinterested. I did the necessary infrastructure changes to prepare for the first or two temporary shelving units, recollected any items that had cluttered themselves across any nearby flat surface, thus restoring order so I can continue using my office.

5. First Roadblock: Relaxing
While it might make sense to have a somewhere to relax within an office, it doesn’t fit with the Zeal Ethos: Zero slacking, Endless motivation, Adapt quickly, Lean positive. (Rough draft: Remain motivated, work hard, and stay positive.) If I feel like slacking off or don’t feel motivated, I leave the room and turn off the computer! I don’t physically return until I can mentally return to that working mindset. It’s been effective for me.

So I need to find another spot for that recliner.

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