[Bettering Zeal] Taking It Lightly

I’m taking it lightly this month as I apply the formal foundational ITIL workflows I learn to my office renovation project. I have big plans for this space; that’s why it’s called “Zeal.” Within Zeal, I imagine taking on most any project with ease. Having the physical space is key. If I want to, say, completely alphabetize and catalog my CD collection, I need to be organized, unless I want duplicates, wasted time, and clutter.

Incoming: First Bookshelf
My biggest incoming task is to set up my first of five bookshelves, mirroring the ones on the other side of the room. This will give me the most efficient space in the office. The other five bookshelves have been useful in my decluttering efforts, and though most of the shelves have been stagnant since I put them in earlier this year, the idea is that the contents of the shelves would constantly move about.

Processing: Clothing Clutter
The first hindrance was that I used some boxes directly inside the office as an open dresser. After doing laundry, I’d just put shirts on the top of that pile… albeit clean and not too haphazard. If I move all of these clothes, including ones in a dresser I will need to move as I move in more bookshelves, then that will just create clutter elsewhere. Instead, I’m moving clothes to reasonable locations like dressers.

Processing: Unnecessary Recliner
The second hindrance is this recliner I’ve gone on long enough about, huh? Since it doesn’t disassemble easily, it’ll be tricky figuring out how to get it out of the office to donate or destroy.

Processing: Building Space
The third hindrance will be resolved once I’ve cleared out the recliner and remaining clutter from the office. I’ll have the space to build one of the bookshelves, and possibly more of the bookshelves. The only hindrance might be if they’ve sold out. Otherwise, I’ve built five of them so far, four of them by myself, and I measured out the space, so they should all be able to line up with just enough clearance.

Outbound: Additional Space!
Up until a few months ago, I needed to compulsively clutter every surface with stuff. The change happened when I duct-taped off a nearly 2′ by 2′ space on my workbench, dedicating that space for only temporary space. Everything on the space would need to be cleared off by the time I left the area. Getting into that habit was the single most helpful thing I’ve done for decluttering and now I have multiple neat, always-clear spaces!

Once I start accumulating more surface area, I’ll need to be smart about how I fill in the spots to avoid merely moving clutter from one space to another. I’ll start with collections I need to catalog, so they can eventually find better spots. Next, making sure nothing is buried or hidden. The trick will be not overdoing it. The office, “Zeal,” is functional enough as it is and these big workflows don’t happen overnight.

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