[Bettering Zeal] The Gig Life X

I enjoy working the gig life because I get paid to travel, meet people, make friends, and see how people work. I can steal the ideas I like, shed the ideas I dislike, and adapt to more circumstances quicker. If I’m away from “Zeal,” my home office, for long hours on one gig, then I can figure out ways to make the time I do have here more productive, especially as I renovate the space.

Progress: Minimal

CDs: Cataloging New
Cataloging my music collection is very soothing for me, like tidying up space. There’s also a tricky balance between getting new stuff and completely listening to every CD I own to purge all the ones I’d rate under ★★★☆☆. Quality over quantity, every time, folks.

CDs: Updating Heard
I have a designated spot for CDs and lists of digital albums to catalog, which is much better than last year’s “just wherever I can stack them” approach. Eventually, I’ll use a dedicated cataloging laptop to curate all of my collections, not just CDs.

CD: Progressing Collection
I queue up 6 CDs to bring along on drives. Four are the next up to hear, and if I don’t feel like listening to them for two weeks, they go in the pile to hypothetical sell or donate. Eventually, I’ll have a donation station.

Email: Inbox Zero
I cleared out my personal inbox on the tail-end of one gig. It’s easier to check my inbox now because everything there is new. If it’s not a busy day, I’ll keep 5 emails in my inbox, and move the rest to my processing backlog.

Email: Clearing Backlog
I throw emails that don’t require immediate attention in my backlog. I figured this out a few gigs ago when I’d get fifty+ emails a day. Check for the important things in the morning, reply, then get back to the rest when I can.

Email: Processing Outbox
Similar to my incoming-processing-outbound workflow, I’ll keep drafts for important emails or tasks I need to do in my outbox, so I process them when I’m ready. Not everything should receive an immediate response, otherwise, I get bogged down in deliberating on big decisions.

Office: Reading Books
I want to read more often. The solution might be similar to having a dedicated donation station or cataloging laptop, since I work well focusing on specific tasks in specific areas. Until I figure out that solution, I have books stacking up in Zeal.

Office: Thrifting Donations
That donation station might just merely be a “dumping grounds” box. The idea would be some spot for staging stuff I want to donate or possibly even sell, once I get into that, and I can grab stuff to move when it nearly overflows.

Office: Processing Backlog
On a larger scale, I enjoy working for various companies so I can see what works well for me. Everyone has their own way of completing tasks, and some have figured out solutions that others have not, so it’s almost like a skill buffet.

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