[Toy Review] Marvel Legends Daredevil (2015)

Before reviewing last year’s Marvel Legends Juggernaut wave, let’s warm-up! The “BuckyCaptain America action figure established a medium-build male character baseline buck for years and was perhaps best exemplified with Daredevil. We (written by Zombiepaper with consultation by Collector, “quoted in blue font”) will consider both the standard red Daredevil and the first appearance yellow Daredevil interchangeably. Do we think picking this now iconic action figure was a good call? Can it be improved?


[Toy Review] WWE Zombies 1: The Rock (ZMB1-02)

If the concept behind zombies, and their permeation into popular culture, fascinate you, yet wrestling does not, would the WWE Zombies line of action figures be a good launching point into better appreciating the hobby? Maybe not in terms of suddenly becoming interested in wrestling. Just gaining more of an appreciation. I started with Dwayne Johnson because he’s about as good a candidate as any to test those waters having long broken free from being strictly shackled to wrestling as The Rock.

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[Toy Review] Subjective Review Structure

There’s this idea that once we grow up we should put away our childhood. Why? Who’s to say that those of us that once enjoyed MOTU, TMNTG.I. Joe, and X-Men toys cannot continue to enjoy them? How about going further to create, recreate, or critique action figures? Let’s explore this idea further in future posts, perhaps in reviews hinted at with this preview photo? Until then, here’s our subjective review structure.

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