[Career Story] Words Mean Nothing I

Words mean nothing, which is funny coming from an individual that wants to be a professional writer. The problem with words is that people hide behind them. Instead of taking direct action, people instead hide behind implication and strict definitions. I’ve noticed the biggest factor determining whether someone will succeed or fail in their professional career depends not on what that person says, rather, what that person does. Here are five examples of my actions.

Always Follow Through
The single biggest compliment I’ve consistently received throughout my career is that I follow up on the work I’ve completed. I always reach out after a few days just to keep that line of communication open. When my customers express themselves, I listen, and though I may not always be able to get them what they want, I can at least sand down the rough edges. My customers always appreciate that extra action, and equally proactively fill out positive surveys about me.

Do the Needful
It’s easy to let things slide. Work piles up and the undesirable bits of work will always be there for someone else to tackle… I take these challenging assignments on head-first. I’ve usually found that this work is usually the most rewarding because after completion I’ve always contributed to the local maxima knowledge, it’s less for my team to worry about, and management has one less issue to address. More over, I’ve possibly learned another skill as opposed to wading in inaction.

Be The Hero
I’ve been the rockstar, guru, hero, and any positive descriptor. Most, I imagine, genuinely mean it, too. How do heroes act? By standing around waiting for something to happen? No! They get in there and get it done! Right now! That might mean working a little extra, not relaxing with the slackers at work, or being a little busier. The day goes quicker when your work goes unnoticed, as it normally should, and when you do get recognition, it just feels good!

Work For Yourself
I’ve “been my own boss” in the corporate world for the better part of the last three years, meaning, if I were my manager, what would I want to see done? What quality of communication and throughout would I request? I, then, deliver on those self-imposed expectations, which are usually significantly more than the average. When I guide my ship like that, managers see it, and since they’re not pulling along my ship along with all the others, they help propel me.

Stand And Fight
When there’s some kind of conflict between your team and any sort of opposing force, say deadlines rather than people, the natural inclination is to complain or ignore the problem. I’ve built my career on standing up for what I believe in. I defend policy, highlight the successes of others, and fall on my sword when I fought and lost the battle. My ego may become bruised for a day, but my reputation for “doing the right thing” will only grow exponentially.

Addendum Character Reference
“I’ve had the pleasure of working at the same company as Anthony twice now, and both times were positive experiences. Anthony always carries a professional and friendly attitude and has a clear and developed technical background in the IT field.”-H

Sources: My professional career

Quotes: None, besides the professional character reference

Inspirations: A conversation I had with my manager where I said basically the first sentence verbatim.

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