[Career Story] Job Hunting Plans

With this project’s end date fast approaching and without a solid next gig, what better time than now to consider how I’ll like be going about looking for my next gig? Because while my Plan A is trusting that my agency and recruiter will get me something. Let’s say that doesn’t happen. Happened a year ago next month. I have emails out to Plans B, C, D, E, and F.

Update Resume Weekly
The point of this exercise isn’t to find faults with your resume. It’s more to remind yourself of your accomplishments throughout the years, along with adding to it, based on what you remember. If it’s a consideration, you could send it out to be tailored by a professional. If not, I’ll read over relevant job description requisitions to steal what applies most to me. I try not to be creative with my verbiage because I’ve been accidentally misplaced one too many times.

Update LinkedIn Frequently
Even without an app downloaded on your smartphone, I’ll log in about once a week on a computer because it’s slightly easier. I’m considering writing a weekly post update to throw some content on my profile. I’m not sure of the details yet, though to be sure those updates would only be innocuous updates. Nothing about “sending your resume out to 5 other recruiters” or “if they say no, ask why, and keep asking until you get an answer.” That’s why you’re here!

Check-in With Recruiters
Good recruiters get new roles weekly. Not so good recruiters… don’t. Both may have you pegged as an X worker, though if you build a rapport with them, ask about Y or Z skills, they might have something in those fields. If they don’t have anything for a few weeks, ask what they do have available, or ask if there are any hot jobs that might require learning just a few minor skills. Their job, after all, is to get you work.

Networking and Skill-Building
When you’re not bugging your list of recruiters, check in with your professional or personal contacts. They might know someone that knows someone or they might know about professional activities or free/cheap classes you could take. There are plenty of websites with social, professional, and personal events that could be networking opportunities or lead to developing applicable skills for your resume. Worst case, it gets you out and about, talking with people that might be floating along in your same job-hunting boat.

Keep Your Sanity
It’s depressing to wake up thinking that your future is outside of your control. When you work, even if your boss is terrible, you still know your pay schedule, and you have an easier time getting another job. When you’re out of work, that structure is gone, the discipline fades, and all that’s left is the doubt you have in whether or not you should have taken that menial job. Hold your head up high, keep busy, and proceed until you succeed.

Sources: My professional career.

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Inspirations: Looming unemployment, or “unenjoyment.”

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