[Career Story] Well-Stocked Office Cube

“Oh, wow, you’re well-supplied[1]!” I’ve found a well-stocked workspace helps make work more efficient. If I keep certain things handy, then I’m less likely to be interrupted with small tasks, allowing me to focus on my present and most important task. When I don’t have the space available, I’ll keep the highlights in my workbag. Let’s cover some common and oddball things that have helped me out at work, which might help you out, too!

Keeping Properly Hydrated
I keep a 1.5-liter refillable water bottle at work because otherwise, especially with a fast-paced gig, I’ll quickly become dehydrated. We sweat out 2 liters of water per day, so that just replenishes our body’s systems. I drink a gallon, or roughly three of these water bottles, since I exercise and I feel the health benefits. That also paces me so by the time I might be working too hard, well, it’s time to use the restroom. Coffee and tea mugs are optional.

Quick Office Snacks
The problem with having snacks at your desk is that you have to be careful that you don’t overdo it. If you do, then you didn’t get in a proper breakfast or lunch, and that snack won’t sustain long term. If I consistently eat my office snacks as soon as I get into work, then I should re-adjust my schedule to make sure I have a big enough breakfast. Sometimes, too, I might eat a snack when I really should walk around.

Cleaners for Presentation
When I do, I’ll quickly use a toothpick to pick up anything big, otherwise I’ve seen others keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss (or floss picks) at their desks. I keep a portable hand sanitizer because I might not always be able to clean off my hands before returning to work. My hands get chapped in the late winter time, so I use chapstick. That, along with a comb to get any stray hairs, tend to work well for getting out and about.

Preppers for Meetings
If I’ve been staring at a computer for too long, my eyes get dry, potentially causing headaches, so I keep eye drops handy. I’ll keep deodorant and spread some on my neck to make sure only my words are offensive at work. Gum helps cut down the gnarly post-lunch special mouth smell. I’m not worried about people sneaking up behind me, although I’ve seen small hand mirrors for that purpose, and probably to make sure one’s appearance is not too terribly unpresentable.

Miscellaneous Et Cetera
Phone chargers are becoming ubiquitous nowadays, so moving on, I keep hand grips to get in some quick exercise. A pen and paper are useful for the occasional errant thought and I keep a clown nose at my desk when things just get too serious. It’s a good way to remember that through all the stress at work, it’s just a job, there’s nothing more about it. We just do the best we can with the resources available. Work shouldn’t hurt us.

Office Hearing Protection
Oh yeah. So newer office layouts are going toward these “open offices” areas, which could be rephrased as loud cafeteria-style work environments, where everyone sits in a large room with small partitioning walls, no privacy, and continues to loudly yak to their neighbors about work and non-work things. The idea was to enable creativity through mutual collaboration. This is actually terrible for work productivity. No wonder everyone at work has such poor attention spans and in life! You can’t focus when you’re constantly distracted and overly-stimulated. So, naturally, I listen to music at work. It’s more productive.

Sources: My professional experience

Quotes: [1] Colleague

Inspirations: My office cube

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