[Career Story] Your Career Advice?

I’ll sometimes ask questions a self-aware videogame character might ask to progress the story along. (…I was a character in a videogame[1]…) Especially when there’s enough time for parting words, I like asking for advice. Along with the extra lives’s worth of experience, these are the most rewarding conversations, because when faced with the reality that we may never meet again, any pretenses are dropped, and we exchange unfiltered truths about ourselves and our realities.

“What’s For Lunch?[2,3]”
“That is probably the most important question. After all, half of what we work for is food and the other half is storing that food.[2,3]” We often forget about getting nourishing meals, opting instead to push through life malnourished physically, resulting in becoming mentally malnourished.

Know Your Goal, [Stay] On The Path
The work is easy once you know the endgoal. If you just want a successful enough career, look to where there will be money in 10 years, gain the prerequisite skills, and keep going on that path until you retire. If you slip, it’s alright, just get back up quickly and keep on going.

Fitness And Stress
“This is a stressful field. You have to figure out how to manage that stress.[4]” I’ve primarily met two types of career professionals. Those with lingering stress-related health problems that have mitigated the worst of their ailments and those who haven’t had to just yet…

Keep On Going
Don’t give up just because something’s difficult. These are opportunities for personal and professional growth. With a little humility, most managers are willing to work with you to get most minor problems sorted out. Just don’t give up on the problem or yourself.

Trust Your Guts
“If something doesn’t feel right, there’s probably something not right going on.[5]” Our intuitions are based on how we filter life through our morality systems. If something weird happens even occasionally, there could be a lingering issue that needs to be addressed.

The Business’s Value
“I ask these questions in every interview I conduct: How long have you been in this industry? Why are you still in it?[6]” This was a reminder that managers want to augment their team with successful players. They don’t care about how their job will benefit you.

Keep Your Humor
Work will drive you crazy if you’re not careful. A polite joke can decrease blood pressure and develop comradery. I’ll wear a clown nose, inspired by The Dude and The Zen Master, when things seem to get too serious or to mix it when my team seem overly tense about something trivial.

“F— This Place![7]”
At the end of the day, it’s just work.
We all have bad days because of work.
Change something if it goes on too long.

Spare Dry Socks
This one’s mine: Work is stressful enough without having sweaty, wet socks physically exacerbates the situation. Switching into new socks at work before returning from a lunch break is probably one of the most refreshing feelings you can have at any job.

Sources: My professional experiences.

Quotes: [2,3] Conversation between a colleague and then me. [4] Manager with a stressful role. [5] Another manager. [6] Yet another manager. [7] Not a manager.

Inspirations: My professional experiences.

Related: None

Footnote: [1] I spent a good 30 minutes looking for this RPG Maker game. It’s somewhere out there in the universe.

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