Day Map: #01 Behind the Scenes

As a fan of behind the scenes material included with most movies and the occasional album, I wanted to share the “day map” idea I made yesterday for a glimpse into some developing content. Starting at 9:30AM, I listed each intended project, marking each hour of the day with a different color, then digitally painted a big dot next to the title if I worked on it that hour. (Also had fun practicing oekaki techniques I’d learned years ago on a now defunct GroupBoard.)

  • NOFX – I’m really getting into a good routine with these concert reviews. I did the prep work before the show, let the concert germinate, and even broke format at the end in a way I’d wanted to before but hadn’t really had the opportunity to try.
  • NES Mini – Preview post of the 30 NES game collection in collaboration with the Collector. Still have some games to review and this post was a lower priority because preorders have sold out everywhere. Maybe I’ll get one once they start hitting store shelves?
  • Re:Zero – Wanted to finish this anime series this weekend. I’ll talk today and tomorrow at length with two friends about the overall story, themes, and value, then use some of those conversations as writing fodder for my series review. Overall, good.
  • “Hey, Chicken Foot!” – I want to write more about The Story here. It’s the project that maybe I wasn’t born to write but certainly is a compelling force. Chiseling away at it seems like a start. I’ve been working on Trisha’s character the most right now.
  • 2016 Albums – Every year, music fans on RateYourMusic listen and rank albums recorded and released that year. I’ve been playing this “album review game” off and on since 2008. Now that the site is changing, I’m moving my best content here.
  • Bottle Etching – One of my older drafts that I’d like to wrap up, along with writing more PAX content. This isn’t much of a priority, though it will flesh out the Builds section, and may inspire folks to build rather than buy holiday gifts.
  • Clean house – Cleaning tends to be a lower priority, since maintenance typically doesn’t make for good writing fodder. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to make cleaning relevant to the website?
  • Silver Platters – Recently bought some new 2016 albums that I’ve been enjoying. Unless I find something unique at the store, I may migrate these “haul posts” to Instagram.
  • Boba Khan – Ditto. I’m not sure I want to celebrate excessive consumerism, which is a conflict, because I enjoy collecting things, especially things that inspire personal growth.

This Time Map was overall a great way for me to stay focused on writing throughout the day, especially after a long work week, where I may be more inclined to recline. I enjoyed and will expand on this format, though I may only post these when I make a significant dent in my drafts backlog, come up with some really good ideas, or just have something better than average to say.

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)