[Fiction Practice] Burned versus Bought

“Oh, cool! You have Whole Blood! May I?” With a nod, she looked over the album and continued. “I haven’t been able to find physical copies of any B-Bags CDs! I resorted to buying their discography digitally.”
“Yeah, I lucked out and got it from the thrift store. I’m not sure why they haven’t remastered any B-Bags albums yet in a nice set. Maybe they wanted to move on after reforming as the Ketchup Packets?”

“Probably. I did buy everything as part of a sale on the label’s website.”

The two music collectors were waiting around for a third friend of theirs to stop over before heading over to a concert. One was standing, perusing a collection of hundreds of CDs. The other sat in her recliner with a drink.

“You know what sucks, Sam? They also had A+…”

“Oh? Hmm… I don’t see it here. You have everything so well organized!”

“Well, I passed on it because it was in terrible condition.” “Really?” “The disc was all scratched up, the liner notes had been waterlogged or something… The pages were all stuck together and the smell was horrible.”

“Ah, that sucks! I’m surprised they didn’t throw it out.”

“Well, it is rare. Either that, or they didn’t care. I kinda regret passing on it now. I’ve even asked the local music shops if they had it. Nada.”

“Now that I’m looking at the booklet closely…”

“Oh… I didn’t get A+ because it had mold. There was a nice mold pattern on the front cover. You could barely see the plus in the title. If you look in the upper right corner on those liner notes, there’s a little of that same pattern.”

“Ah, ouch, that sucks! Well, it’s all about the music, right, Jane?”

“Yeah. I still want their discography on original CD. Burning just feels different. Like, sure, you can have more freedom, but the artist’s original intent, you know?”

“Except when it’s to block re-releases!”

Sam returned the album to its place between Azithromycin Overdose and The Bastards of the Industrial Revolution in the CD collection taking up prime real estate in Jane’s living room. A symphonic passage from a Puppet Strings album filled the air.

“Oh yeah, Sam, how was that Azalea concert?”

“You didn’t miss much. I was kinda hoping they’d play some of their heavier stuff, but they’ve been mellowing out now. Maybe they’re trying too hard to be like the Strings, you know? Their latest sounds just like Carnival Night, minus the personality!”

“Too bad. Alexandria did move over rather quickly.”

“You remember that part off “Now We Dance” from Hidden Horrors where she’s hitting that really high note? She tried it again with Azalea, and maybe it’s been a rough tour for them or something, but it was kinda disappointing!”

“Did you skip out early?”

“Yeah, I did stay through most of it. They weren’t terrible, so maybe next-“

A knock at the door.
A voice yelled through:
“Ready for the Wanderers?!”

[Band names: fictional and random]

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