[Fiction Practice] Career Mishap Trilogy I

“Thanks for meeting with me today, Jane.”
“Sure thing!”
“Before we begin, would you like any coffee, water, or tea?”
“No, I’m good. Much appreciated.”
“So I’m looking to help out our lead on the team. The successful candidate will do what she thinks is best to complete the work as quickly as possible. Is that something you’re willing and able to do quickly?”
“Yes. I adapt quickly!”
“Good, good. How soon can you start?”

“Umm, well, I’d need to put in two weeks.”

“I see. The successful candidate may be doing work that requires thinking outside of conventional best practice. We have some special programs pivotal to our operations run smoothly that aren’t mass market products. Is that something you can adapt to quickly?”

“Yes. They had some unique programs at the library.”

“Good. The successful candidate may also need to be flexible with work hours. Sometimes we have launches that happen after hours. I don’t like to burn out my crew, so of course, I make sure everyone’s schedule is balanced. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes, I’m flexible to get the job done.”

“Great. I also like to keep a good work/life balance for my crew. The lead on the team, Gayle, is a competitive runner. She’s won the Sneaker-500 twice. I, personally, like to vacation in New Wilesland every fall. How about you?”

“Oh, umm… I like to read. And go for walks.”

“What kind of books? I’m a huge fan of travel books. New Wilesland is a fascinating place, in my opinion. Beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches, and one of the last truly tropical places left. I want to retire there, even in my friend’s shed![1]”

“Have you read The Sneaker Chronicles?”

“Yes! What insurmountable odds those three faced! Well, it looks like we’re about out of time. Do you have any final questions for me? I have one other candidate to interview and I’ll let your agency know my decision by end of day today.”

“Any concerns over my resume we haven’t addressed?”

“I didn’t really get a chance to read over your resume[2]. I prefer to meet and get to know the candidates first. I enjoyed our chat and everything turned out well overall, so if you don’t have any other questions, I’ll show you out.”

“Nope, thanks for your time today, Michelle.”

Michelle guided Jane to an office somewhat along the way to the receptionist’s desk. “This’s Gayle’s office. You’ll be sitting nearby. Let’s see if she’s in.” The door was closed. “Looks like she’s busy. Let’s not disturb her. Tell me more about what you read.”

They chatted for a few more minutes after Jane dropped off her visitor’s pass.

Jane drove back home, changed into her warehouse clothes, before taking up the second half of her shift. When she got home, exhausted, she saw an email from the agency, congratulating her on landing the temp-to-hire role. She called her friend.

“Hey, Sammohini, good news! I got it! … Yeah, I’m putting in notice tomorrow.”

Sources: My interviewing experiences. This trilogy is 80% based on one experience I had.

Quotes: [1] Interviewer. [2] Same. If you hear this from an interviewer, run! Please trust me.

Inspirations: The need to tell this story.

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Photograph: Taken during a lull before an interview.

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