[Fiction Practice] Career Mishap Trilogy II

Jane’s first day back into a technical role began innocently. After meet-and-greets, her lead rambled through materials far above anything in her career scope, occasionally speaking another technical language. After realizing she was overwhelmed, she found an opening:
“Hey, umm… Gayle.”
“Oh, have a question about how I configured the Scribewise 88620 ports?”
“Yeah. I… didn’t understand any of that.”
“Yeah, I troubleshoot primarily Wilesware computers with customers.”
“Oh. Dear. You’re in the wrong job.”

“Well, how quickly can you learn it, Jane?”
Jane dodged raindrops, primarily for her cigarette, while trying to keep signal.
“It’s in a completely different field. They’re talking a different language and I’m in over my head. So, about a week, maybe two?”
She drew a long drag on the last of her cigarette.
“Quit fooling around. This isn’t good.”
“You’re telling me, Ricca! I quit my job to work here.”
“Don’t get rude. Let me talk with my people. I’ll call you back.”
“OK, thanks. Bye.”

Jane finished her cigarette and was about to head in when Gayle stopped over.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t have been in the interview with you and Michelle. She does stuff like this all the time. I just ignore it.[1]”
Gayle lit a cigarette and Jane had another.
“Yeah, this kinda sucks. They might hire me back at the warehouse. It’s typically high turnover there. If not, I dunno.”
Gayle exhaled a large cloud of smoke.
“Let me know how I can help. I’m sorry you’re in this mess. It shouldn’t have happened like this. If only I were in that interview.”
Jane exhaled lightly.

They both finished their cigarettes in silence and went inside.

There was a bright green note on Jane’s keyboard.
“Can you stop by my office when you get back? -M”
She straightened her collar before facing her fate.

Michelle was on the phone when Jane arrived.
She stood outside the open door until Michelle motioned her inside.
“…Yeah, that sounds fair to me. Thanks. Bye.”
Jane sat in the closer chair as Michelle quietly hung up the receiver.
“That was your recruiter. I have good news.”

They talked about an exit strategy for Jane.

“Thanks for addressing your plans with us so quickly.”
“Sure. I’m not going to exaggerate what I don’t know.”
“Feel free to work with Gayle for the next two weeks.”

They concluded their conversation and Jane left.

“Hey, how’d it go?”
“I have two weeks.”
“I’m glad to hear!”

They discussed their strategy in the smoking area.

“…So just look busy and use the time to look for work.”
“I really appreciate your help with all of this, Gayle.”
“Sure. I feel really bad about how this all happened.”

Later that evening, Jane called up her childhood friend.

“Hey Sammohini, how’s it going over there?”
“Oh, Allie Pally is being fussy. How’s the new job?”
“Yeah, umm… it didn’t work out. I got beat.”
“Yeah, I got in the wrong job.”
“Oh, that sucks! Can I help?”

Sources: My career experience. This entry in this trilogy is about 40% based on my real world experiences.

Quotes: [1] That job’s supervisor.

Inspirations: The need to tell this story.

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Photo: I took some photos of what I called the “Cirque du Servèr Room” from one job years ago.

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