[Fiction Practice] Covered With Artificiality

“Yeah, and I can even cover it with artificial grass.”
Why did she tag along for this car buying adventure, again? Jim was often musing aloud as he drove the delivery truck: “If we go in 50/50, I’ll fix it up, we can sell it, split it 50/50, and we’ll get some quick cash.” It was boredom. Open mic was full tonight.
“Would we need to… mow it?[1]”
The seller took the snide question in stride.

“You won’t believe this, but, yes![3]”

Jim held back a bit of a chuckle. He jumped up on the car trailer that the car was strapped onto and tried to open the passenger-side door. The door wasn’t just jammed. “A tree hit it last week. My next proj- thing I was gonna do on the car, before you called, was to hop in and bang out the fra-dent with a hammer and bang it out proper, just like they do in all the shops.” “I see.”

Jane idly walked around the car.

Bent frame? Didn’t have it ready to drive? Where was that ad? Her dad had taught her enough about buying cars to see that this would be way too much work to take on for a quick buck. Even if Jim was going to do a majority of the work, it’d be a long-term passion project for some enthusiast of these sort of seemingly innocuous back road racers, otherwise, a parts car with the rest going to the junkyard for scrap metal.

“What do you think of it, babe?”

Jim had already walked back to his car, parked on the other side of the street from where this car trailer was parked, and was letting it warm up. “I’ll pass! There is much more wrong with this car than you said in your ad. Thanks for telling us most of what was wrong with it. Good luck selling it. Bye.” “I’m passing, too. Thanks anyways, there.” She hopped in and they drove off.

“Hey Jane, sorry that guy was a sleaze.”

They were driving along in Jim’s older Wiles 302 car, windows rolled down on the first hot spring day of the year, music playing softly. “My dad taught me about buying and selling cars. I could tell right away he was going to be like that. It didn’t sting that badly.” “Still, it’s rude.” “Yeah.” She looked at the well-maintained interior. “I understand, too, if you don’t want to look at any more cars.”

“No, this was nice. Thanks.”

“I’m glad to hear.” “It got me outside. I wanted to do this open mic but all the slots were full. I would have just moped around. Maybe watched a movie or-” I shouldn’t think about that. “No, I understand, Jane. My daughter was like that. ‘Keeps me out of trouble’ she would say…”

A somber song began.

She had to break that mood.
“How about that creep’s artificial grass? He mows it! You ever see anything like that?”
“Every day!”

They both laughed.

Sources: A recent craigslist car buying experience. The artificial grass bit was completely true! The seller wasn’t sleazy, I just played that up for some additional cliché-but-true dramatic effect.

Quotes: [1] I asked this question. [2, 3] This is mostly how the seller responded. “[2]” was a little different, but “[3]” was spot on.

Inspirations: The dialogue beats in Jim’s car were inspired by a conversation in Megalo Box.

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Photo: I just take random photos sometimes to use for content later on, like I did here.

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