[Fiction Practice] Dreaming of Data

“Let me go ahead and make that ticket for you, just a moment, I just need to finish filling out the notes, and you can be on your way. The ticket number will also be in your email, in a few minutes, with a hyperlink where you can track the status at any time. OK, that ticket number is-“

Chirp, chirp.

The alarm clock read 03:35 AM. Time to wake up and actually go to work.

Sam’s husband, Samuel, was still sleeping away.

Before Sam’s second alarm went off, she was already out of bed. She’d always been an early riser and light sleeper. Her early shift at Eville Medical worked out well for both Samuel and their little Alejandría. “Allie Pally” was still sleeping in her crib. She made coffee for two, checked on the slow cooker, and continued getting ready for work.

Sam thought about her dream. It was just like being at work…

The helpdesk gig was going well, so the dream probably wasn’t a concern over doing well. Maybe she’d just been focused too much on work as opposed to her family or friends? They hadn’t been to any concerts lately… what was the last concert? Was it Siege? Wasn’t that well before she was pregnant with Allie? They used to go all the time…

That’s how she met Samuel, at that Wanderers show.

There were still decent bands showing up all the time on the concert calendar. They just skipped over a good show on Friday, actually, that they could have probably went to without much trouble a year ago. It was a long week at work. It would have been too much effort. Besides, she was already asleep before the opening band even started their set.

Is this what it means to settle into domestic life?

With that thought, Sam was ready to head into work, or so she thought. Allie woke up, crying. “Oh, honey, it’s OK. Mommy will only be gone for a few hours. She needs to go to work soon. Do you want to get some food and go back to bed? We can get Daddy, too, if this is when you want to wake up today. We’re both kinda tired, honey…”

Allie stopped crying, smiled, and giggled a little.

“Oh! Let me tell you about my dream, Allie Pally! So I was at work! That’s where we go to get money to pay for your diapers and make sure you’re a happy little baby and I was on a phone call with a customer. That’s who we make happy, like you! Yes, you! I was just making a ticket for this customer. That’s like a receipt for the work we do!”

Allie’s eyes closed just a little as she continued.

“So I was just about ready to give the customer her ticket number when the alarm went off. Do you know what was funny, Allie Pally? I wonder if I can charge for that time? Since it was like working!”

Sources: A dream I had Friday morning.

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Inspirations: Career work.

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