[Fiction Practice] Edge of Nowhere

“Train’s running late.”
“Yeah, Sam, and normally there are at least some people here at this stop.”
“It’s weird, Jane. This’s the last post outta 174′ in rush-year traffic. What day is it?”
“It’s five past October. No holidays come to mind in the Neuro. Weird.”
Two salarywomen chat about their delayed train at the 29th post of the FP-line, exiting the 174-9-Ughbug Space Colony for the 309-29-Suburbs, when one will step out onto the tracks.

“You continuity-galaxy hopping again, Sam?”
“Yeah, just for a few short-cycles.”
“Alright, just don’t mess anything up too badly. The second rule was we had to maintain narrative-space flow.”

The more adventurous of the two casual galaxy-hoppers pressed a button on her oversized technological watch and jumped into the ensuing blue phase-bubble.

Thirty minutes left…
“What? Oh yeah, thirty rush-years, huh?”
“Huh, you seem oddly calm—” “Stop right there!”

“Quit messing around!”

The blue phase-bubble spit the galaxy-hopper back out onto the platform of the 29th post of the FP-line. The preceding phase-bubble hadn’t quite disappeared yet.

“That was fast. Where’d you go?”
“Ended up diffusing that bomb with you.”
“Oh yeah, that was fun. Going to try-“

The poor guy…
The Upper Eville Park was lively. There was a couple picnicking in the background with their older dog, two cops apprehending a wallet-snatcher, while two kids skateboard past the cops. The park was idyllic except for the grim area the two women were approaching.
“Yeah, it’s still a shocker-“
“Hey, Jane, wanna grab some ice cream instead of checking that area out?”
She hid her anachronistic galaxy-hopping watch.
“Hmm… sure, I guess we could check it out another time.”
“Cool. I haven’t been here in a while—” “Quit messing around!”

“Remember your train!”

“Did you have fun? You were gone for a few clicks.”
“Yeah, remember when we met that poor guy?”
“Not really. The train hasn’t been back yet. My turn!”

I’m so hungry. Sam, what’s in your fridge?
“Good question. So I have some soda if you’d like some, it’s kinda flat since it’s been in there for a little bit, and some orange juice that I just got the other day- 

“Ugh. You were so chatty back then. Get me out!!”

The two galaxy-hoppers appear, floating, in a narratively-inconsistent space.
A blue mass of unknown comprehension appear before them.
“Are you two trying to ruin these narrative-space flows?!”
The mass became semi-comprehensible as a vaguely human shape.
“Sorry, Ma’am.”
“Yeah, we were just bored!”
“You know the rules. Break the first rule, about The-“
“For being a decorated deity, you worry a lot!”
“Sam! Sorry, Ma’am, we’ll be more careful.”
The blue deity sighed.
“Apology accepted, Jane. Back you go!”
The galaxy-hoppers disappeared from the narratively-inconsistent space.

They have reappeared atop that floating train post, somewhere past the edge of nowhere. No other patrons. Just them in all of the perceivably-visible universe around them. The closest planet, rush-years away…

“Wanna grab a cab?”
“Sure, I’ll pay.”
“Nah, let’s split it, Sam.”


Possibly non-canonical references to

The Story,” Float Quest, Good Cop/ROI Cop,
and more were collaborated upon in jest.

Collaborative jam between Razor (guest contributor) and Zombiepaper (primary writer). Zombiepaper wrote the majority of the document, while Razor contributed.