[Fiction Practice] Honorary Technician Award

The doctor returned from his lunch break, a carefully regimented respite to relax his brain by exploring the nuances of the campus with a sandwich and coffee, to find his microscope wasn’t working. The door was locked. Nothing seemed disturbed. He tried a few things before calling in for help. “IT, this is Sam.” “Hi Sam, Dr. Florigen. My microscope isn’t working.” “Can we run some tests over the phone or should I run over?”

“Let’s try a few things first.”

The microscope sat prominently on a desk otherwise covered in reports, case studies, slides containing specimens, and a computer. The microscope had a cable plugging into the computer that, optimally, would project the slide onto the screen. Instead, it wasn’t displaying anything at all.

“How many of these steps have you tried?”

Sam rattled off a handful of yes or no questions. The doctor had tried the first question and was thinking of trying the second. He tried it without much luck. As Sam rambled on some more in borderline incomprehensible technological jargon, he turned it off, let it sit, and turned it back on.

“Oh. That fixed it, uhh… it was off.”

His mind drifted off. ‘What a stupid mistake! Maybe working all those hours is starting to take its toll? Maybe I’m taking on too many cases? Maybe I need to wrap up early tonight?’ His mind returned to the inspirational magnet on the mini fridge he hid under his desk for caffeinated beverages.

“Oh, cool, good work!”

He nearly dropped the phone receiver hearing that comment as he grabbed a chilled beverage from the mini fridge, pushing some of the papers forward to make room for the seemingly harmless beverage. Nothing fell off the table. It was close. ‘Maybe I should clean up around here? It’s bad.’

“Well, sorry to waste your time.”

“No, not at all! That’s what we’re here for, and I have this thing I tell folks. It’s like an award I hand out for people like yourself that were able to get something sorted out. You’re the Honorary Technician for today, sir. It’s a fun thing I say since it saved me a trip over to your office.”

“Thanks. You said your name was…?”

“Well, my legal name is Sammohini, but everyone calls me Sam, since it’s easier to remember and say. My mom calls me Sammo and my husband- oh wait, sorry to ramble on! I bet you’ve got a bunch on your plate! My sincerest apologies! Is there anything else I can help you out with for now, doctor?”

The microscope and computer were still working.

“No, but I appreciate your kind help today.” “Sure thing! I’ll let you get back to it. Have a great rest of your day!” “Thanks, likewise.” He hung up the phone and looked around his office. ‘Nothing urgent. I’ll do a little cleaning.’ Ten minutes passed, then one hour passed, before the desk looked halfway presentable. Almost everything filed away…

“Alright! Back to work!”

Sources: Dr. Florigen is an anagram for Goldfinger and the inspirational magnet is from Rocky.

Quotes: None

Inspirations: 80% based on two intersections, one as the technician, and the other where I was not, with 20% fictionalization/adaptation.

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