[Fiction Practice] In The Fridge?

“I’m so hungry. Sam, what’s in your fridge?” “Good question. So I have some soda if you’d like some, it’s kinda flat since it’s been in there for a little bit, and some orange juice that I just got the other day, or a bottle of water that’s nice and cold since it’s been in there for a while with the usual assortment of condiments above that such as ketchup, mustard, relish, and barbeque sauce…”

Jane thought to herself, ‘oh great, another Sam-Storm.’

“I have jelly and jam, just in case you have a preference for your bread, which by the way I have a loaf of bread and peanut butter in the cupboard in case you just want a quick snack, followed by cheese and creamer for coffee- I can make some coffee if you want some- and I also have the leftover spaghetti from last night that I should probably reheat for dinner tonight… or maybe….”

Jane realized a while ago that she has to find just the right moment to interrupt.

“I could also figure out how to incorporate some eggs into the mix, since these eggs are just about to go bad, but they’re still totally fine to eat, don’t worry, it’s just that I should probably cook them in the next two or three days while they’re still good, and since I have these strawberries, I might be able to throw them into the mix as well, though at that point, I might just…”

Jane thought, ‘how can she talk so long without pausing?!’

“Cook those separately since strawberries and spaghetti would be an odd combination, all things considered, although maybe there’s a recipe online that I could look up with all the ingredients I have that might spoil over the next few days, such as these apples or the milk, which is about halfway done, and oh yeah, is another thing you can have to drink if you’d like, or if you already decided on something here, just…”

Jane maintained eye contact and nodded, but had long since zoned out.

“Let me know, because if you’re hungry or thirsty, it would be rude of me as a host to not provide something for you to snack on before dinner, which I wonder if we should order in, or cook up some of these ingredients and leftovers, which I guess really depends on what you feel like eating at this point, because- oh! I also have brown rice and oatmeal if you want something like that?”

Jane snapped back with the silence. “Oh, um… yeah, actually. Let’s have pizza. Delivered.”

“OK, great, I know a good place that can deliver. Are you hungry now or do you want to wait until closer to dinner time, because if we order when it approaches dinner time, there could be a long wait and we might wait too long, whereas if we order too early, then we’ll have cold pizza by the time we’re hungry, so it depends-“

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