[Fiction Practice] Invisible Man’s Waiting

“They’re late…” I’ve already cleaned my invisible tools thrice for this heist. I’ve been waiting here at this library park bench until my team shows up for how long now? I told them when to meet me here and to look for my shoes. I’m not especially inconspicuous…
“You there! Didn’t you see the sign? No loitering!”
An eccentric police officer wearing filtering glasses suddenly appeared.
“Oh, officer! Maybe you can help me. I’m waiting-“

The officer with crazy green hair whipped out her walkie-talkie and gun.

“Ugh, not another paranormal!” She spoke into the receiver. “Reews to Stanley, over.” “Stanley, over.” “There’s a paranormal here at the Upper Eville Library with criminal written all over him, over.” “ETA five, over.”

“Criminal written all over me? Am I that easy to read?!”

“Yes, actually. You might be invisible, but that doesn’t mean you’re inconspicuous. Well-behaved invisible folk don’t invest the time to wait around, especially not outside public libraries. It’s inefficient and draws attention.”

I stood up but must have moved my shoes.

“Stay right there!” She pointed her gun at me. Definitely wasn’t rookie-issued. “I don’t want to see you move. What were you waiting here for with those lockpicking tools?!” Oops. I left the briefcase open. Talk about rookie mistake.

“I’m just here waiting for some friends!”

“Oh yeah? So am I! I can’t wait for all of us to return to the precinct. It’s a wise investment, buddy!” I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. “Our dearest friends must be arriving now!”

“Hey, Laneh, sorry we got caught.”

My collaborators on this heist, Luster and Eap-Up, were being guided by an officer with deep facial scars. “My gig’s up, officer. See, those were my teammates.” “Sorry, cream ice we got before caught. Maybe shouldn’t’ve, we.”

“Stanley! Thanks for showing up so quickly!”

“Glad to help.” We three stood together. “Alright, you three, come along with us. After trading away your depreciating criminal activities, maybe, you three can become productive members of society!”

“There’s just one thing, officer.”

“You may have special glasses to see me, but,” I reached into my briefcase for my invisibility flask, “I have-“

The sun feels nice at the beach.

We three are lounging.

Luster’s hanging out next to me.

Eap-Up is swimming.

Our silly heist idea…

The light sure is bright.

“Wake up, freak!”
“Yeah, it’s in your best interest rate to tell us the truth!”
“Heh, that was kinda good.”

I woke up in bright room with the two officers, the table that was my pillow, and a chair that’s got me strapped in. “Huh… what happened?” I was also fully visible now. Something big must have happened…

“Wolf girl and freak are locked up.”
“What were you doing with those lockpicking tools?”
“I was just, uhh, looking for the meaning of life…?”

“Ahh! Why’s that everyone’s primary investment, Stanley?!”
“Dunno. No one’s content just living these days.”
“If that’s what you’re after, you’re in big trouble!”


[After “Good Cop/ROI Cop“]
[Semi-random variables]

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