[Fiction Practice] It Concerns Me

Subject: Ticket Queue Status!

Good news!
The team is really plugging away at the oldest tickets that are approaching SLA and we should have everything older than 90 days done or pending review by the end of the week. I’ll give you another status update before the end of the day today with where we’re at, but it’s looking good!

Subject: Re: Ticket Queue Status!
It concerns me to read your status update.

Our contract commits a certain understanding to our client. A mail was sent out yesterday to your manager’s manager Lisa stating that we have made significant progress by bringing in contractors to help them meet SLA. They will now hold us to it and justifiably so. We should not announce a status to the client and then change our minds the next day.
Let’s see where we are after today.
The Consulting Agency

Everything was blurry. Sam had to read and re-read the email multiple times.

She tried to distract herself with plugging away at her work, but the email kept seeping into her imagination. Every detail of the email thwarted any sense of positivity. She looked at the picture she kept at her desk of her husband Samuel and their sweet daughter Alejandría. If this contract didn’t turn out, she’d be letting down both Samuel and little Allie Pally…

Sam gave herself time to calm down before rewriting the response multiple times.

Subject: Re: Ticket Queue Status!
Please accept my deepest apology and I will work harder than I ever have today to provide a good status update.

Sam was losing focus and was starting to feel sick.

The phones were quiet. Her teammate arrived 30 minutes prior. She sent a message over saying she’d need to step away for a few minutes, logged out of her phone, locked her computer, dashed to the restroom, and prepared herself.

She broke down, crying, in one of the stalls.

How could this happen? She was doing such good work. Coming in early every day, staying late, really giving it her all every single moment, and for them to just think that she wasn’t meeting expectations? She’d let her family down, worst of all.

“Are you alright in there? Let me help.”

She was trying not to cry too loudly. Just enough to relieve the worst overwhelming waves of emotion until she could compose herself enough to return back to work as though nothing went wrong. She didn’t want to cause any disruption…

“No one cries here on my watch.”

Sam sniffled a little bit. She breathed in and blotted her eyes with toilet paper. Though her face was probably red and ruined, hearing that reassuring voice from somewhere in the company was just enough to calm the worst of that stress.

“Let’s get coffee and tell me what’s going on.”

“O-K…” Her voice crumbled and she let out one last sob. “O-one moment, please.”

“Please take the time you need. I’m here for you.

Sources: None

Quotes: Steve’s email contained paraphrasing and partial quotes from one I received this week. Usage approved by my direct management.

Inspirations: Multiple work experiences, exaggerated only slightly.

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