[Fiction Practice] I Must Type…

When the blindfolds were removed, the first things we saw were: “I must type for my life.” We were shackled and wore oppressive green collars. An imposing figure dominated a large screen, with matching red-suited guards holding odd guns on either side, and an equally large keyboard table in front of us. Kiki was scared, but held her composure. The looming figure’s voice boomed out: “Welcome! Step forward. You must type these words to survive!”

“Mommy, what’s going on?!”

Her innocent blue eyes, peering through normally combed long red hair, looked up at me. She reacted to my smile with a calmer look on her dirtied face. Past her was a guard. Red hard hat, reflective purple goggles, the same oppressive collars we wore, heavy red overalls, and a weird keyboard gun? This matched the design of the large keyboard table with multiple typing stations. I glanced back at Kiki then at the screen.

“Who are you?!”

“You may call me The Orthographimancer! I plunged this disgusting world into apocalypse. Everyone who fails my tests becomes my slaves! You ask: “What tests?” You see, I’m disgusted with this world’s decline into illiteracy! No one can type properly anymore! Everyone has forgotten the orthography of language! It’s not just English! Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and my beautiful French! Now step forward and type these words as your only hope to survive!”

“There’s your answer, Kiki-Monkey. Let’s step to it.”

Kiki stepped forward before I did. Always so brave. The intimidating figure on the screen wore neatly-cropped black hair, smart glasses with the same reflective purple, and an expensive red suit. The way she raised her arms, her hands seemingly glowed with the same oppressive green that matched the collars, the guns, and the keyboard table. When we reached the overly-stylized, our shackles glowed to the same pulse as the keyboard table’s light, then disappeared.

“Now, future zombies. Type what’s on the screen! No typos!”

We typed: “I must type for my life. Only by typing these words can I hope to survive. Those who have typed these words incorrectly have sinned. They must live their sinful lives in anguish and humiliation! They now populate the world, except for us few challengers, looking to restore order to this disgusting world.” Kiki typed slowly, but did very well. Khoutas and I encouraged her education from a young age. Hopefully he’s survived.

“Very good, future zombies. Now take them to the battlegrounds!”

The guards rushed toward us with their keyboard guns drawn at us. Kiki ran to my side. They motioned us to turn. “You heard her! Go!” We saw a door labeled Battlegrounds. We walked to the door, through it, and through a brief tunnel, to a rainy street. Shadowy figures with words floating above their heads lumbered toward us. Two keyboard guns lay at our feet. Kiki picked hers up and started typing a word.

Green letters floating above a nearby figure changed to purple.

She aimed and fired. Headshot!


(Writing prompt inspired by William.)
(Naming assistance provided by Choutas.)

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