[Fiction Practice] Magic Without Strings

“Years of mutual rivalry between The Magnificent Curley and The Great Sleepwalker culminated last night in the greatest spectacle the galaxy has ever seen at The Milky Weighstation Alltheater! Their yo-yos thrilled audiences to tears! Their cheers echoed throughout planet Visolat! We haven’t seen magic like this, folks, since the legendary competition between The Mathmagician and The Vigorous Vieneau! Join me, Dash Komethaus, as we cover my ten highlights! It’s gonna be a wild ride!”

“Number Ten: Sleepwalker’s yo-yo walking my tie!

Now this is a personal bias here, folks, but what a display! My patented lucky Komethaus Tie was fortunately not harmed! And I didn’t even know it was going to happen! My, was that memorable!

Number Nine: Curley switching yo-yo strings mid-trick!

We’ve seen plenty of yo-yos dislodged from their strings and reattached, but the strings switched?! Oh, was that something to behold! Curley pulled the string out of nowhere and nailed it! Truly, not amateur displays!

Number Eight: Sleepwalker’s incredible Whip Snap Crack!

In addition to showing off the spectacle of everyday yo-yo tricks, Sleepwalker has mastered bending the laws of physics! She’s able to emit nearly supersonic sound waves from seemingly ordinary yo-yo strings! My, what skill!

Number Seven: Curley landing the Improbable Curvature!

While we’ve seen this trick roughly annually, each time is impressive! Curley bent the string in such a way that almost seemed impossible! Or at the least, from most angles, she made it seem improbable!

Number Six: Sleepwalker’s Fire Snap emitting flames!

Yet another one of Sleepwalker’s specialties! She can flick the yo-yo at just the right angle to cause it to catch fire! Good thing she didn’t do that while the yo-yo walked on my tie!

Number Five: Curley achieving the Right Angle!

Speaking of right angles… and we thought the Improbable Curvature was impressive! Here, Curley completely curled the direction of the yo-yo string into a neat 90 degree angle! Just when we think they aren’t actually magicians!

Number Four: Sleepwalker’s yo-yo walking then jumping!

Sleepwalker’s career defining trick is simple enough… just walking the yo-yo, until it jumps into the air out of nowhere! She’s never revealed how she does it! There’s just gotta be something special to it!

Number Three: Curley’s gravity-defying 12-second Curling Iron!

With any potential trickery from the Alltheater thoroughly ironed out, we can verify here, folks, that Curley’s yo-yo held steady for a solid 12 seconds! It’s quite a sight to behold each time we see it!

Number Two: Sleepwalker accomplished The String House!

This trick’s only been displayed by three others in the 265 years we’ve been covering these competitions! Sleepwalker’s 4-tiered house wowed audiences to the point of receiving a 5-minute standing ovation! Her technical skills are top-notch!

Number One! And the crowd went wild!

While the crowd favored Sleepwalker over Curley, Sleepwalker showed class beyond class upon winning, saying “without Curley’s dedication and inspiration to the sport, we wouldn’t be here! My quest to improve continues.” Curley bowed gracefully.

Their handshake was truly inspirational!”

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