[Fiction Practice] Meeting With Us

“Thanks for meeting with us today, Jane.”
“Sure thing!”
She shifted subtly to get comfortable. Her dress suit was overkill because the hiring manager and assistant were dressed casually- no, sloppy. There was something odd about the industrial-strength conference room meant for fifty people. Maybe it was the polished concrete floors, reclaimed wood table, and ductwork? Maybe it was overly stylish?
“So, tell us about yourself.”
“I’m a professional with two years of experience in-”

“Hey, sorry to interrupt. We have this conference room, right?[1]”
“Yes, Jack.”
“Just checking, since it didn’t show up on the print-out outside.”
“We switched last minute.”
“I’ll go write our names, just in case, so they know we’ve got it.”
“They’ll see us inside.”
“I know, Emma, but they could try to take the room otherwise.”

Jane smiled as the assistant jumped out of the room and back in.

“OK, so where were we? So this is going to be night shift, is that OK?”
“Yes, that’ll be fine.”
“Can you work the occasional evening, weekend, or overtime as needed?”
“Yes, with some notice.”
“How much notice will you need to have? It won’t happen too often.”
“About a day or two should be fine.”
“OK. That’ll be a little close, but we’ll try to make accommodations.”

Emma scribbled a note on her resume from some agency in red.

“So it says here you’ve worked with This. Give us an example.”
“Sure, so one time-”
“Hey, sorry to interrupt, but there’s an important thing going on.”
“What’s that?”
Jane turned to look over at the person disrupting their interview.
He looked panicked.
“Oh, hey there, sorry. That is giving the execs trouble. Did you get my email?”

Both checked their digital devices.

“Sent two minutes ago. Well, no, since we’re in an interview right now.”
“Oh. This is important.”
“OK, Jack, can you go help out? Sorry Jane, we may need to reschedule.”
“Oh, that’s OK.”
“Just give us a minute, we’ll be right back. Hang tight, want anything?”
“I’m good, thanks.”
Jane looked around the empty conference room wondering what happened.

Emma returned over five minutes later.

“We’re really sorry about that, Jackie. It was a high priority.”
“…No worries.”
“Much appreciated, thank you, thank you. OK, where were we?”
“My example of-”
“Emma! That’s down again! Ugh! We don’t know what to do!”
“Alright, one moment.”
“Hang tight for another second. Sure you don’t want any water?”

Jane shook her head.

She must have had over five minutes to study the room’s décor. She heard a few doors swinging behind her in the hallway. She’d already checked the polished concrete floors with her heels, studied the wood texture on the table, and looked over the ductwork. Unlike back at the warehouse, everything seemed too clean for anything other than vanity. Through the glass windows, she could see the interviewers talking to some people. Emma glanced inside, disapprovingly, before continuing discussions.

The interview was over.
Self-esteem is important.
There’d be no respect here.

Sources: Some work experiences.

Quotes: [1] Commonly said.

Inspirations: Interruptions, downtimes, and managerial discussions inspired by real experiences. 30% factual.

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Picture: Amalgamating stock images with my memory.

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