[Fiction Practice] Surmountable Mind Vault

“We three have arrived. Over.” The young adventurer’s voice echoed throughout the cavernous steel room, lit only by an older adventurer’s cigar ember, with perhaps a large eye before them. “Good… …and follow this… Three, five… brown… press the small button. Over.” The third adventurer was aloof; stretching. “Gabonnet! I didn’t catch that! Please repeat. Over!” The smoke wafted over along with the voice. “Don’t worry about that, kid. We-” Bright lights illuminated the room.

“Hell-o, ex-pe-dit-ors.”

The aloof adventurer drew out two blades, swinging them idly. The older adventurer readied his overpowered rifle. The younger adventurer dropped his bags and looked around the room in a panic. Nothing except the bank vault’s door, appearing as an unwavering eye, with its cornea reflecting the overly ambitious crew.

“Wel-come. Let us see if you ca-n sur-mou-nt this door.”

The aloof adventurer stepped forward a step, blades ready.

The cornea showed his reflection from an unnatural angle.

“Vi-o-le-nce is not this game’s so-lu-t-ion, Tra-cking Snea-ker!!”

The older adventurer holstered his rifle and stepped forward.

The cornea showed his reflection from a neutral angle.

“Eye see you un-der-stan-d the rule-s, Walt-her Wi-les. Pro-ceed.”

The older adventurer pulled out two objects and threw them toward the eye.

The cornea flashed red and showed Wiles’s face up close.

“No! No-t that!”

The objects continued toward the center of the eye.

The aloof adventurer sheathed his blades.

“Eye did no-t ex-pect this!!”

The aloof and older adventurers braced for impact.

The younger adventurer dropped to the floor.

The objects collided just shy of the center of the eye, and upon impact, there was a flash of brilliant brown light. The door disappeared almost completely, except for the shattered lense of the cornea camera, along with most of the wall. The two older adventurers rose to their feet.

The younger adventurer was stunned.

“Scribe, tell Gabonnet we’ve breached the vault.”

The younger adventurer stood, picked up his bags, and tapped his helmet’s intercom. The aloof adventurer ran to investigate. The older adventurer proceeded with caution.

“Gabonnet, we did it! We’ve breached the vault! Over.”

No response, then, “good work. Now get it back. Over.”

All three arrived at the disintegrated wall. There was an intricate library contained within, holding the sum of all human creativity and knowledge. Everything that had ever been imagined, said, or executed was perhaps featured on one of the pages in one of the books. Including the idea they needed.

In the center of the library was a man sitting in a chair.

This man stood and held out a book with both hands.

“Hello, expeditors. Eye did not expect that occurrence, and so, you probably want to retrieve this. Well, that’s a shame, because I need this, too.”

The aloof adventurer ran toward the man and grabbed the book.

The man folded his arms and sighed.

“You can return that to Gabonnet.

However, only eye can decipher it.”

The older adventurer punched out the mysterious man.

“Nice! OK, got it, Gabonnet!! Over.”

(Ideas brainstormed with Agent Bon)

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.