[Fiction Practice] TERBIE-01’s Slimeoid Hat

I was recently formed out of slime and nothingness. The person… the thing… that created me is luring me toward a large building that glows neon green against the dark skies. He is a weird creature with a green blocky body. His large smile never goes away and never changes. But he keeps throwing me tasty bits of slimy treats. I guess I should follow him… I hear weapons going off inside the weird building.

I don’t want to go inside… so I’ll peek inside.

There are blood splatters and scratches and bullet holes everywhere. What kind of place is this?! It’s a huge room but I don’t feel welcome… There are weapons of all sorts against the walls. They are all one shade of green. The square man is looking over weapons. He picks up a sword and swings it around ineffectively. His smile almost moved before he put the sword back. He disappears like a walking piece of paper when he moves at certain angles… Then he picks up an intimidating rifle…

There is someone else in the room that is watching him.

The square man with a dark green outline around his body like some kind of cartoon character wraps his hands around the gun and aims the scope around the room. He aims toward the door. I flinch… When I look back he waves. He looks it over then he holds it up in the air. The rifle changes into a dark purple color. He pulls out a jagged green rock from his backpack and mashes it into the rifle but it does nothing. He tries again at a different angle and still nothing happens.

The person with a large hat laughs from across the room.

He laughs and then they both laugh. The person in black clothing slowly swings a bright pink baseball bat full of dark pink nails in a methodical pattern. He calls over to the cloaked person about something. The person stops and walks toward him after putting the bat away… They shake hands. The person brings out a jagged greek rock and hands it over to the square man. He drops his rifle from his other hand in shock and his angular smile changes for an instant to a rectangle.

The person wearing the wide hat nods then repositions the hat…

They continue to talk as he picks up his rifle and looks it over… He puts it in his backpack as they continue to talk. The person wearing the flat hat summons a slimeoid creature like me only not at all. This slimeoid looks much closer to the others than me. I’m a horrible slug creature. This slimeoid is humanoid… Oh no! The person is dashing toward me! I look away… I should run! I smell a slimy treat being thrown by the person like the square man does so I eat the tasty treat!

The person is completely dark other than two bright eyes.

The person looks at me with intense X-shaped eyes and says something before walking back… The other slimeoid looks like some of the people I saw along the way from the lab… The slimeoid smiles as the person says something positive. The person throws a treat over to the slimeoid. The cloaked person brings a business card from the same place as the rock and hands it over to the square man before pointing to me. I’m not sure if I saw a smile from the shadowed person or not…

The person and slimeoid then wave and leave through a side door.

The square man brought his backpack out and onto the floor. I go inside and move closer to him. He put two packages of fried chicken and the jagged rock into compartments inside his bag and secured the rifle to the side. He throws me a slimy treat and I notice that he has a different sort of hat than the other person. His hat is a cone that gives a weird effect when he turns in certain angles. I want a hat! I like the other person’s hat much more so I think about it.

A slime hat suddenly grows out of me in the shape of the person’s hat.

I look up at it. It looks cool! Behind the green weapons are giant mirrors. I look at myself and the hat looks very similar to the person’s hat. I like it! I notice in the reflection of the mirror are two other sets of weapons. They are pink like the person’s weapon and purple like the square man. These weapons are stored in display boxes and are more unique than the green ones. I turn to look at them in closer detail. One box stands out. It has a hat similar to the person’s hat.

Underneath the person’s other hat are intricately designed weapons.

I look in the mirror to see that the square man finished packing up his backpack and put it on his back. I turn as he looks over at me and my new hat. He laughs then throws me another slimy treat! These treats taste the same as any other slime we get at the mines or anywhere else in this world. Maybe they taste better because he throws them to me? I’m still a little worried about this world. It seems really violent. When we left the lab, we entered downtown.

There were dead bodies everywhere!

We got out of there without anyone noticing us. He threw me a bunch of extra slimy treats when we left! He seems nice enough. The man in the wide and flat hat seems cooler but he already had a slimeoid like me. I guess the square man is good enough to follow around for now. I wasn’t too sure about him when I was thrown out of the machine in the lab. He told me my name is TERBIE-01.

I’m not sure I like the name but it’s mine.

Quotes: I intentionally avoided using quotes, even though I wanted to…
Sources: Endless War, #the-dojo, a fictionalized version of events that happened on April 26th at around 10am Pacific time.
Inspirations: I wrote an essay called “Brainstorming While Drawing” from 1:56pm to 3pm where I wrote the rough draft to this: “RFCK-Zombiepaper entered the Dojo to formally create and name his rifle. He decided on an oddly-specific name, thanks to a friend of his IDFKA, and found it difficult to name because the name was too long. A training Rowdy joked about his naming process. They talked, the Rowdy took a minor liking to Terbie and gave the opposing Killer some friendly advice, before leaving. Terbie had just been formed, and was still getting acquainted with the world, but was so struck by the attention that he formed a slime-hat based on the Rowdy’s signature hat. Even after they were both later struck down along by another Rowdy, when RFCK-Zombiepaper revived, Terbie revived his old shape and self, kept his slime-hat as they continued on their way.” I thought about that as I continued my day and then by 7pm I looked at some pictures of my childhood dog Patrick to get some inspiration for how it might be like to dig into Terbie’s mind then went to work. I took liberties and junk but whatever. My best acronym for the name is “Taking Educated Risks Before Inhumane Experiment Number Zero-One.”
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Picture: Reused because I didn’t want to redraw any scene from the short story.
Written On: 2020 April 26 [7:33pm to 9:24pm, with research from 7:17pm to 7:32pm, while listening to Symphony and Metallica.]
Last Edited: 2020 April 26 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.