[Fiction Practice] The Gig Grind

3AM, 6AM, doesn’t matter. It’s too early. Gotta get up. Outta bed now. Zombies look better. Get that coffee. Focus on something. Distraction from sleep. Get some food. Still groggy. That drive’ll suck. How’s the weather? It’s cold out. Warm in bed. Still gotta go. Can’t use sick leave right now. Just get going. Gotta dress nicely. Gotta look presentable. “Where’s my purse?” Warm up the car. Now I’m late. Today’s gonna be a grind.

This drive isn’t bad…

Take that back. Hit bad traffic. Ugh! Driver in front stopped suddenly. That was close. Slow it down. Not worth it. Breathe in deep. Keep on driving. Nearly stopped on the freeway. Hit 0MPH now. Gonna be fine. Just longer day.

Vagrants camping out.

They rejected this. Don’t blame ’em. Gridlock’s like prison. They have freedom. No societal responsibilities. Just scrap by. No overwhelming workload? Lounge all day? Drink all day? Must be nice. Don’t get seduced! Remember your sobriety.

Nearly sideswiped. Jerk!

Gotta pay attention. Final chokepoint upcoming. Slow it down. Let them in. This isn’t battle. Alright! Open roads. Don’t go speeding. There’s no point. Gonna be early? Nearly 15 minutes early at that. Could’ve slept in- No! Don’t forget.

That was easy. Traffic gets worse.

Traffic was terrible. Just stay calm. Good parking spot. Keys, coat, badge, purse, and go. Keep a smile. Everyone’s got problems. Mine’s currently traffic. Maybe they have minor financial issues? We’re all working here for self-improvement.

For finances or to build resumes.

We’d all rather- “Good morning!” “Mornin’…” -be home relaxing. This gig’s nice. Just hang on. Turn on lights. First one in. Set everything down. Restroom pit stop. Get some water. Log into computer.

Five unread emails.

Subject: Happy New Year!

Your new temps from our agency are doing just fine I bet!

Well, we need to delay this and block that.

We hope you understand.


The Consulting Agency

Deep breath.
Pretend to smoke.

Subject: Re: Happy New Year!

This won’t do. This is serious. Numbers in yellow. Quickly approaching red. We need assistance. Delays are detrimental. Blocks are bad. Reverse your decision. Escalate if necessary. Sending meeting invites. We must deliberate.


Second email.
Addressed to my boss.

Subject: Kudos to Sam

Sam’s good.
My folks digs her.
Keep Sam on Linda’s team!


Good news.
Her contract’s up late next month.
We’ll probably hire her in full-time.
Good, hard worker.

Composing new email:

Subject: Kudos, Sam
Good work.

Third email.

Subject: Last Day 01/19
I’m putting in my leave notice.
I’ve received an offer with the University of Eville’s College of Agriculture. I appreciate the opportunity you’ve provided to me over the last three years.
You’ve been an outstanding-

Closed that email.

Long deep breath. Anxiety rising fast. Taking those pills won’t help any. Ride it out. Don’t yield to this mild stress. Fight. Carry on. Just stay strong.

Pick up phone and call Lisa:
“I need advice.”
“Let’s grab coffee.”

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)