[Fiction Practice] The Gig Life VII

“I.T., this is Sam.”
“Sam, Tia. Got a weird one, but first, how’s your baby? Healthy?”
“She’s stoked to be over at my parents this week, thanks-”
“Sure. Occasionally seeing this since yesterday. Rebooted. Sent you photo. Says battery life: 6800 hours.”
“Huh. Well, does it hold a charge?”
“Yes, going bad?”
“Probably… I’ll email you the battery model. Expense it, send me the weird one, and let me know if it persists.”
“Sure, appreciated. Bye!”

“Mom, Dad, we’re home!”
“Namaste, hard workers!”
“Shh… she’s sleeping.”

Sam dropped off her purse before going to the living room. Her younger sister was cradling her still-sleeping baby, her parents were on the smaller couch facing the television, and her husband followed behind with two large mugs after putting away some groceries.

He sat down on the larger couch and stretched out.

“How were the roads, Sammo?” Sam stretched, too. “Samuel drove, but they were clear, even after getting off the highway, so we made good time. How’s Allie Pally been, Trishna?” Trishna motioned so Sam could pick up her baby. “She’s been asleep all day.”

Sam picked up her baby and sat down beside her husband on the larger couch.

Allie woke up crying. “Guess not anymore, but who’s a cute sleepyhead? Is that our precious little Allie Pally? Have you been nice to Auntie and Nana? Shhh… it’s OK.” Allie calmed down a little. “Thanks for taking care of her this week, Mom, our sitter’s back this Tuesday.”

“Gladly! She’s been a real happy camper, especially with her Auntie!”

Allie stopped crying. “Oh, I’m so glad to hear, Mom, work’s been good, too. They might extend the contract or even hire me on full-time, depending on how the workload looks, and if they can show the need in the metrics- or, the numbers. If we work hard.”

“Good to hear, Sammohini!”

“Thanks, Dad. The work we do isn’t that hard. We just need to work hard and make our customers happy. I’ve been getting along well with everyone. One caller I’m becoming friends with earlier today even asked how Alejandría was doing!”

“We’re so glad to hear, Sammo!”

That evening, Sam sat in the living room recliner, cradling Allie while the others were out. “So, why would Miss Tia’s laptop battery act like that, Allie Pally? Did the old one just go bad? Maybe I should have done more troubleshooting?”

Allie looked up, smiling, with bright brown eyes.

“What am I doing? Why am I telling you about work? Well, you know what, Allie Pally, we should go see where the rest of the family is, Auntie and Uncle might be nearby, what do you say? Let’s go check!” Allie just continued smiling.

Next Tuesday.
Sam was the first one into work.
Package on her desk.

Tia’s battery, and, a note:

Thanks for no-hassle. Best tech!!!
Battery died after chatting. New 1 works.
Please close ticket for * * * * * survey.
Sent kudos to your manager’s manager.

“Wow. This gig might actually work out…”

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