[Fiction Practice] Middle of Turn

[Story 2 of 3 – Beginning]

They wheeled their three found computers back from the scrap bin.
What did you mean earlier that she wouldn’t be happy with this?”
The older technician sighed and subconsciously pushed the cart faster.
“Well, she wants a laptop instead of a desktop. Wouldn’t matter if we got her the best desktop ever, it can’t go to meetings or anything. Besides, that’d be against policy for anyone besides management. Lisa even gave up her laptop!”

“Sorry, Hank… I made this all messy by giving her a laptop…”

“It’s all good, Sammohini. Believe me, I’d’ve done the same thing- Hey Harlowe!” Hank stopped the cart and gave a big thumbs up to the older gentleman throwing flattened cardboard into the recycle bin. After throwing a batch into the bin, he faced them, and gave thumbs up as well. “Need a hand?!” Harlowe waved his hands to say ‘no,’ smiled, and returned to his work. They continued along.

“Always respect the janitors and security, Sammohini.”

“Oh, is that because they’re doing the toughest work around here?” Arriving at the back gate to the hospital, Hank looked around to make sure no one could hear. “Somewhat. If I have trouble finding anyone, anything, or it’s something outside of Linda’s or Lisa’s jurisdiction, I go to them. Harlow’s been here forever and knows everyone here. He’s cool. We’ll stop by his Burrow sometime. Until then…”

They badged in, and over the next two days, cobbled together a better computer.

Hank revealed his plans to Sammohini: “Before we started, I emailed my plans to Linda. Brenda’ll be mad over not getting a laptop, so we gotta protect ourselves, right? She approved, included our laptop policy, and even CC’d Brenda’s manager for good measure. She’s cool. Next step’s on you, if that’s cool? Can you get one of these to pass all hardware diagnostic tests? If you get stuck anywhere, lemme know.”

“Sure! I really appreciate the help.”

“No worries. Oh yeah, I took the ticket, so just post your technical notes in the private notes section. I’ll check it after this boring change meeting. Later.” “Later!” Sammohini took the next hour to carefully piece together a working Wilesware W7000K computer that could log in as a test user and access network resources. She wrote a fairly lengthy update in the private notes of the ticket and even cleaned the case.

“Cool, looks good. Ready to have some fun?” “I guess…”

Hank called Brenda on the speakerphone at his cube. “Hi, Brenda! This is Hank and Sammohini from IT on speakerphone. We have your desktop computer ready to return.” “What the- but I- have a computer already…” “You have a loaner laptop.” “I was told I could have this.” Sammohini looked shocked, nearly blurting out a sharp “no!,” but Hank smiled instead. “Sammohini did not say that. We’ll be up in a few! See ya soon.” “We’ll be here.”

“This’ll be tough… …I’ll do the talking. Just set it up.”
“Thank you…!”
“…Now, let’s have fun!”

Quotes: None
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: Parts 2 and 3 are based on one particular experience. I was the Sammohini and a colleague was the Hank. The random generators pointed to the name Harlowe. Harlowe’s Burrow will be based on a real-life location somewhere.
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Photo: Random cart photographed somewhere random.
Written On: May 11th, 27th
Last Edited: May 27th
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