[Fiction Practice] Why’s It Full?

“I’m thinking of going on a road trip in Ruby today. The weather forecast says the rain will start tomorrow. It’s a shame. We’ve been having such nice weather lately. So where would you like to go?” The husband sipped on his coffee. The wife shuffled, turned away, then put a napkin over her breakfast. “Oh, honey, I think I’ll pass on this one.” “Come on, babe.” “It’s just, that car… something’s weird about it.”

“What’s wrong?”

“There’ve been some strange things going on with it lately. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. Weird stuff. I mean, it could just be light reflections, but have you noticed anything like that?”

“No. What did you see?”

She took her plate over to the sink, scrapped off the remaining bits of food into a compost container, and sighed. Through the kitchen window, she could see the garage where the car slept.

Going over to her husband, she started rubbing his shoulders.

“OK. You remember when we got back from our drive last weekend? You were getting the groceries from the trunk and I made that sound? Well, I saw the face of a child in the gas gauge.”

He sighed.

“I was afraid of that… When I was buying Ruby, the seller seemed a little off. On paper, nothing wrong. In his garage, there were all these ornaments like you’d see in one of those shops.”

“You mean like warding off spirits?”

She stopped rubbing his shoulders and looked again out the window. “Yes. It seemed more than… normal.” He stood up. “So after we made the sale, the seller gave me a weird card. Here, let me get it.”

He walked into their office and returned with the paperwork.

“Metaphysical Oil Changes.” The paperclipped business card looked professional. “See here, on the back, it says ‘if you can’t fix it, call and ask for Ruby.’ I didn’t think much of it, but he stressed it.”

“Should we call now? We might still have time for that road trip.”

They went to their office and called the number on speaker. On the second ring: “Metaphysical Oil Changes, how may I direct your call?” “Yes, we’d like to speak to Ruby, about uh…”

“Understood. One moment, please.”

The wife held her husband’s hand and whispered, “we’ll get this sorted out. I know you love the car.” He looked her in the eyes, and said without hesitation, “I’ll get rid of the car if it gets-“

“Hello! My name’s Viqter. When shall I stop over to work on Ruby?”

“First, we’re kind of confused here.” “Yes, yes. You must be a new owner. You see, how can I put this, Ruby’s haunted. She’s a beauty, but occasionally, the ghost inside gets temperamental.”

“That explains why the gas was full last week!”

“Yes, yes. Ruby’s ghost is more playful than malicious. She’s overdue for service. I can be over now if this is a good time?”

“Oh, thank you. Yes, please stop by soon.”


[Note: Gas gauge drawing modeled off a ’57 Chevy]

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