[Fiction Practice] Words Mean Nothing V

“Words mean nothing to Linda. She’s looking for proactive, action-oriented, superheroes to rebuild her team. When you meet her on Thursday, Jane, make sure to accentuate that.” Jane nodded and sipped her coffee while the strategizer continued. “Just between us, she told me she’s clearing out the old guard.” “Interesting… What’s her strategy then, Fidelity? Just so I know what to avoid saying.” Fidelity gazed upon anyone within earshot in the crowded coffeehouse before continuing.

Jane, too, noticed The Drip was unusually crowded.

“Linda received honorable discharge from the military after managing many high-stakes missions. She wants excellent people that are self-motivated and independent. She’s discreetly complained to me that some of her employees lack even basic discipline. We’ve already placed your friend… Sam…”

“Sammohini.” Jane took a large sip from her overly-frothed cappuccino.

“Yes, they really like Sammyhino. She’s been a good fit for their environment. Linda says she’s got a great “can-do” attitude, uses common sense, and is a great team player, so if you can bring up specific examples of during your interview on Thursday, you’ll be fine. Be sure not to tell Sammy or anyone about this conversation.”

“Understood.” Fidelity checked the time on her PDA, sitting face up on the table.

“Well, we’re about out of time. You’ve gotta hit the road to make sure you get back in time, right? Keep me posted with how it goes. Let’s see, it’s Monday now, and Linda’s interviewing some other candidates on Wednesday, but we’ve got you locked down for Thursday at 2PM. You know how to get to Eville Medical, right?”

“Yes. Thanks for your time, too.” Jane finished her drink and set it down quietly.

“Sure thing, well, good meeting with you, Jane. Between your solid resume, strong work ethic, self-starting attitude, and high standard for quality, you should be able to knock it out of the park, especially with Sam as your referral. Alright, safe travels, and I look forward to good news on Tue… Thursday!”

Wednesday afternoon, raining.
Jane’s professional inbox.
One unread message.

Subject: RE: Drip on 3rd at 11AM

Thanks for your interest in working for [Eville Medical.
The hiring managers have decided to go in a different direction.
We appreciate your time and will continue looking out for you!

The Consulting Agency

Jane stepped outside to have a cigarette.

She had “quit” when Sam learned she was pregnant. Jane had a harder time quitting, keeping up the secret to give her childhood friend moral support, smoking only when she needed it. Just when things were too overwhelming. She inhaled deeply. That slight numbing sensation calmed her down through the worst of this.

She finished her cigarette before calling Sammohini on her mobile phone.

“Hey, sorry to bug you.”
“No, it’s just fine! Allie Pally and I are just watching cartoons, isn’t that right?”
“So, I didn’t get it.”
“What? Oh… you mean… Allie, stop! Hey Samuel!! Sam!- I’m really sorry to hear.”
“Yeah…” she exhaled, “me too…”

Sources: Job description verbiage. IDKFA for The Drip. Random Letters for Fidelity’s name.

Quotes: Nothing specific.

Inspirations: 40% based on my job interview with an account manager on February 6th.

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