[Grime/Glitter] Animosity Toward Entertainment

We’ve arrived at such an entertainment saturation that we can easily discard anything even remotely disinteresting. I’m just as guilty as any of us. Removing anything that could distract me from accomplishing my goals could be a succinct explanation of my work ethic, and yet, there are proper ways to handle our discarded distractions. Now is the best time to consider the prevention of consuming entertainment wastefully, because we’re only getting more saturated by entertainment!

This discarded Guitar Hero controller represented a specific idea.

It could have been a prop encouraging friends to gather, a misguided gift, or a zeitgeist gone past. There was a videogame store nearby, so I imagine they didn’t want it either. While shameful, this perfectly captures where we are with life. There is just too much stuff to consume. Even in niche categories of entertainment. With the amount of content being released by the second, we could never hope to enjoy all of it, even if we do our best to filter out the noise and only consume what interests us the most.

Entertainment is becoming too gluttonous.

We should practice critically healthy hostility and ambivalent animosity toward what is new and popular, just as we might practice self-control when it comes to overeating. Though Wii Fit wasn’t quite as heavily discarded as these ubiquitous Guitar Hero controllers, they were still a Trend of the Week that still clogs videogame stores and thrift stores today, which is unfortunate because they are a great tool if used properly. Just like Guitar Hero. Perfectly fine for bringing people together to achieve an innocent goal.

How can we start to become more critical of our entertainment?

What will it do for you in the long term? What void could be filled? Wii Fit fills a personal training void I have without an active gym membership and guidance from a personal trainer. Guitar Hero won’t currently fill any void for me. I’ll read books and watch anime that provide compelling arguments for how I can improve my life. I’ll listen to music that motivates me or heightens certain experiences. I’ll try things if they help me understand contexts, or if I can learn more about why I like/dislike things.

In other words, I consume entertainment for purpose, and not for escape.

There is one more thing to consider in order to prevent entertainment waste: accountability toward completing goals. I still have so many things that are half-finished. Books, shows, writing drafts, and important tasks. With this saturation of activities, our focuses are spread so thin that unless it might take us microseconds to complete, we might get frustrated or distracted until it piles up. Imagine a world where spending more than 10 minutes on something would be nearly impossible for most people.

We’re nearly there…

That’s a problem endemic of a distracted generation. We can prevent that intellectual regression by disciplining ourselves. Let’s focus on doing what we must with what we have.

Complete old tasks/entertainments before starting new tasks/entertainments!

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Between seeing this discarded Guitar Hero controller and considering how much clutter I have to sift through, I wanted to see if I could deduce an answer for distraction.
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Written On: May 24th
Last Edited: May 24th
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