[Grime/Glitter] Drop That Weight

Stress is a weight we carry, sometimes in brief moments lasting days or weeks, and sometimes lasting years. Stress is a hidden burden that changes us into terrible tyrants and miserable monsters. Stress stains our lives with pain. Stress might be the root cause of all diseases and inflictions, yet we do so little to fight it. Stress is the acquaintance we invite into our lives that wrecks havoc. How can we drop this weight?

My three ways to drop stress are: row (left), write (middle), and rest (right).

Exercise releases nervous energy. I’ve found rowing to be the most efficient, all-encompassing workout for me. Maybe it’s running or stationary cycling for you. Regardless of the activity, the idea is that when you’re exercising to overcome stress, you should fully imagine that situation and go. Allow your mind to fully sit with the strong emotions. Get mad. Then use that negative energy to fuel your workout. Keep exercising until you’ve exorcised those stress demons!

After releasing that negative physical energy, work on the mental equivalent.

I write in this public forum. You might prefer writing privately. Release all of that emotion, stress, and negativity into a stress diary. Don’t worry about being articulate. Just tell your stress diary all of your woes, in as much detail as you can, fully re-living that moment. Flush out as much power as you can from that stress. Many people, myself included, may channel that stress into complaining conversations with others. That helps noone.

Remove the emotion then ask advice on removing the stress weights.

Rest is an effective way to overcome the most overwhelming parts of stress. Just don’t rely too heavily on sleep, which is why I used a skeleton minifig in my photographic example, because “sleep is the cousin of death.” I’ve found that if I sit with my dreams, they’ll normally regurgitate the events of the day, and sometimes reveal how I really felt about a situation. Then it’s easier to act toward dropping that weight.

We’ve considered the effects of stress that weigh us down. How about the cause?

  1. Three common ways to address the causes of the stress:

  2. Accept the Stress (Deflect):
    To live is to encounter stress. There is stress in rowing, attending concerts, writing, meeting with others, and anything other than sleep. Deflect the minor stresses that might prevent you from enjoying the niceties of life. Ignore them or prevent them from seeping into your mind.

  3. Change the Stress (Address):
    Sometimes subtle changes can prevent stress from taking over. Driving is stressful. If it takes thirty minutes to drive somewhere important, give yourself forty-five minutes to arrive. Working is stressful. Work at a pace that doesn’t burn you out. More importantly, leave your work at work.

  4. Leave the Stress (Combat):
    If you’re unhappy with a situation, fight it! If that means leaving the job, figure out a plan, then execute it. Act irrationally only if you’re out of options.

Tell yourself: “I’m gonna put it down.”

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)