[Grime/Glitter] Introducing New Section

Entertaining opinions outside your own helps reinforce your opinions. Fully understand what is being argued, rather than ignore or lash out against challenging ideas. While regurgitating thoughts is easy, it’s not as rewarding as speaking your subjectivity. Let’s talk about the value of constructive “offensive” opinions as the introduction to this new not-quite Rants and Raves section, starting with: I like Nirvana more than any other band.

I overheard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” while walking past Seattle’s the International Fountain during a high school field trip and it was something special. I quickly heard as much as I could. That interest waned over the years as I heard more music. I still considered them as one of my favorite bands. I just hadn’t really thought about whether they were my favorite band and if, so why.

I played Bleach at a respectful volume on the television for my dog Patrick.
He didn’t like it and I wasn’t going to disown my little guy for his opinions.

Promotion for a special 20th anniversary edition of their final album In Utero included a tattoo of their smiley face logo for free if you bought the fancy deluxe edition. That was thought provoking. Not because I wanted to get the tattoo, rather because I would have ignored the idea if it were part of say a the Pretty Reckless promotion, or actively scoffed it for a band I disliked.

A friend of mine admitted to not hearing much music by Nirvana. I lent this friend most of their discography, including grimy Bleach, glittery Nevermind, noisy In Utero, and quiet Unplugged in New York.

Absolutely hated them.

“That’s when you stopped being friends, right?”

“Actually, no…”

That was during a conversation with another friend that I struck up with “hey cool shirt, did you go to the [most recent] [Rob Zombie] show?” We shared a mutual respect for Nirvana and talked about our favorite songs besides “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Mine’s the destructive and atonal “Milk It.” During that conversation, I brought up that recent opinion outside our own, and elaborated.

“Hearing that opinion really made me realize why I like Nirvana so much. It’s cathartic. It’s like when you’re pissed off, hearing Kurt Cobain scream about stuff helps put that frustration into perspective. Their music helps make me feel better.

I hadn’t really thought about why I liked Nirvana that much before having my opinions challenged, even as insignificantly as those examples were, especially because Nirvana is such a popular band that it’s easy to just say you’re a fan and have your opinion accepted without question.

Entertaining dissenting opinions is the main intent with this Grime/Glitter section, along with exploring thoughts more freely than a traditional Rants/Raves section, and allowing more breathing room than the more focused reviews.

A future post will feature my frustration that Else Heart.Break() obscured the main selling point of the game, having fun with programming, in a game without any instruction and why I’ll probably drop it.


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