[Grime/Glitter] Spitting Raw Truth

Growing up, I was most interested in observing the peripheries of things. I explored through the lens of an outsider many fictional videogame worlds to see their hidden nuances. I explored my own imagination to figure out myself and explored reality with equal lenses. I wonder, now that our innocent childhoods are replaced with real life, do we want to explore our realities fully? Do we want to see unedited monuments? What is objective truth?

I enjoy taking photographs “wrong.”

Whenever I’m in Seattle and have the time, I’ll add photographs to a series I’m calling “Where’s The Space Needle?” Not only is it a ubiquitous landmark, the Space Needle is also like a compass, in that you’re likely to see vestiges of its future-retro architecture no matter where you are in the city which can help guide you back from misdirection. Most of those glimpses will be obscured, sometimes only seeing the top of parts of it, and I’m fascinated by that. For being the cultural icon of this humble city, the Space Needle is not prominently displayed around town, and the perfect shot is rarely even available.

That series, my writing, my life… I enjoy exploring the flaws of perfectionism.

Not so much for malicious reasons. Sure, if the ‘claimant of perfection’ is arrogant, it’s fun to take them down a notch, however, I just enjoy exploring. I like getting lost in the little bits of detail. If the concept is flawed, like kintsugi, then shouldn’t those flaws be celebrated? Shouldn’t we look to the nature of reality, as it is, untouched by dogmatic filters of others, especially myself, and say with our own confidence that ‘this is how it actually is?’ This is our world! Why do we feel comfortable having others interpret our world for us? Is it because our reality is too much to take in fully? Do we instinctively need filters?

Taking in all of reality, unobstructed, might be too much to handle.

We might subconsciously want to merely rely upon the presumed masteries of experts in certain fields rather than do our own research. It is easier. Without trusting others, could we even have societies, social structures, or groups? It’s just unfortunate when that trust is abused. Forcing the public into skepticism is when we get into topical issues over trusting the authenticity of the media, fake news, and generally evoking a healthy sense of distrust toward any news outlet or organization claiming to give you the hot takes on the cool news. Any decent news article should leave you feeling curiously desiring to explore further.

There are no convenient answers.

The truth is an ugly monster that spits at you with contempt. The truth can be uncomfortable when it asks you to question your perceived notions, values, and understanding of situations. Good people can do bad things; criminals can do good things. It might just be easier to group people/things together based on societal subjection.

Could we even comprehend raw, objective truth?

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Inspirations: Three-fold: Taking this photo, thinking about why I enjoy taking photos like this, and listening to this thought-piece: “Let’s discuss why journalists are afraid of Elon Musk right now (and why they deserve to be).”
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Photo: Mount Rainier obscured by a light pole. I took this photo holding my arm out of the window of a moving car, as a passenger, without looking at the viewfinder to capture the spirit of the moment of seeing the natural equivalent of the Space Needle.
Written On: May 28th
Last Edited: May 28th
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