[Sober Living] Anime Anatomy Adjustments?

I once disliked interacting with media because I felt it was a waste of time. In some ways, it is, however, much of that has to do with pacing. Are you watching hours of anime daily at the expense of other responsibilities? Or have to cleared out your responsibilities for allowing for a few media meandry hours, mindless or otherwise? I’m going to take my anime-viewing time and turn it into my physical therapy time.

I do that by stretching my spine, shoulders, and neck with my PT exercises.

Even with shows I enjoy, there are dull moments, so having something to be physically doing while I’m waiting for the action to unfold – whether a fight, dialogue, or some plot momentum – does mean I’m multitasking and not completely focused on the show. However, most shows do bore me after a while, so this will serve two purposes: First, slogging through my anime backlog. Second, making sure my spine is properly calibrated at least once daily.

My foam rollers are for deeper spinal issues that have caused my headaches.

If everything feels good with my spine, shoulders, and neck, then I can use that time to do mindfulness body scans of where I might be feeling pains, if the show isn’t sufficiently interesting. In this way, I can justify meandries through media even if they are more of a slog than I would prefer. That’s probably why I’m not much of a fan of movies.

Actually, here’s an analogy.

Let’s say motion pictures are like running. Movies would be like marathons and anime and other TV shows would be like casual jogs around the block. I prefer my media closer to fitness routines that favor rowing, or things with heavy narrative focuses, so having implied imagery tell stories falls flat for me. Having something like a stretching routine might help me through watching these media that maybe I should watch for some kind of cultural context, or with anime, because I do like it, overall.

Even if on my MAL page, I say “destroy all anime” is what a 0-star rating means to me.

Motion pictures are also more passive than I prefer my media to be, because other than obvious examples with videogames, with reading you have a tactile response with holding a book or flipping through an ebook, and you can slim through sections that are boring. You can do the same with movies and anime, but by that point, I’m more willing to shut it off, whereas a little skipping around in a more interactive media isn’t too bad.

The passive element used to be boring.

Now, I can use that to my advantage by stretching muscles or I can use that downtime to think through ideas. I’m spelling this out because writing essays like this helps me clarify my thoughts in my head, where I can say that, yeah, indulging in some media each day can be good because it can help the mind relax. A tense mind works harder than a relaxed mind, like any other muscle in our body, and if we can figure out ways to relax our tensed muscles – whether mind or body – we can work more efficiently.

Ideally, I’d watch anime or movies standing up.

I’ve nearly figured out an environment where I can make that happen. As I wrote about in “Infrastructure Change Time,” once I figure out these sorts of minute details that could improve my life, I can act on them. I have a standing workstation now, thanks to my work-from-home requirements, so why not use this area on my off-hours to stand and watch anime?

I know standing here for work has helped me keep my spine stretched.

I don’t have a good way to sit down and work yet, so I have to stand through my shift, but that has helped me practice better posture. When I find myself leaning to one side or on one foot, I’ve found that pointing my toes inward helps keep me balanced. My toes tend to point out too much, so when I look down, what feels like pointing inward at an extreme angle… actually is just them pointing straight on.

This will be a good arrangement going forward, I think.

I need to refine the standing desk significantly before I’ll call it good, but for now, it’s good enough to try experimenting with it. I have still been meaning to figure out a long-term arrangement for my rowing machine, so if I can clear out the space near here, maybe I could build all this for better lifestyle arrangements going forward?

The big thing for me will be not sitting down all day.

If I can figure out a way to stand while doing things, where otherwise I’d be sitting for eight or more hours almost consecutively, then that should help improve my overall health. I have noticed improvements after eating healthier, standing more, and stretching more frequently, so I think this is reasonable. Since most of this has been general analysis, let’s conclude with the inspirator: Eizouken.

I stopped watching for a few months because I couldn’t justify the time.

I love the show and it’s one of my favorite shows from the past few years, but I was too busy focusing on my writing or figuring out my health. Now that I can do some of the PT exercises I learned while writing, or soon watching anime, that should decrease my likelihood of getting headaches or leaving shows only half-finished. I’m fine with dropping shows, but leaving them paused, on-hold, for months or years because “I don’t have the time” is the wrong mentality.

I can find the time.

It’s more often that the truer statement is “I can’t justify spending that time right now,” which is where doing something passive like watching something while doing something active like exercising, like writing and listening to music, helps both.

Hopefully that inspires you to make media consumption more constructive.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I wrote the note on my Betcal “Anime Spinal Adjustments? [time with anime to think about other stuff]” and was going to leave it for a while, but I figured, why not write it now?
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Written On: 2020 April 13 [From 1:30am to 2:01am. Gdocs.]
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