[Media Meandry] Bellabeluga’s Astrology Reading

I didn’t have much of an interest in astrology until Bella joined Zdiscord and asked about adding divination/astrology and occult channels. I thought, sure, and since then both channels have been cool spots to talk about topics that might otherwise not be explainable by science. Throughout my life, I’ve had many weird occurrences, so it’s not like I could say no to the opportunity to explore astrology at length in a livestream. It was insightful!

The way I imagined this image is Bella brought in my natal chart as a big poster.

We then leaned it up against the Zombiepaper Theater and had a chat about what it meant. Before beginning, I made a pointer box image to show what Bella was talking about as zie explained each major section of the chart. I would almost say for me, as a first time explorer of astrology, the symbols and specific names of things were just context for what everything, overall, meant. I would try to explain the chart myself, but my brain is perhaps too full of information about astrology to properly explain anything well, so instead of parsing through the details in my headached mind, I’ll talk about how interesting of a reading it was. Much of it involved how my life path’s gone – we talked for a while about writing, and how important the writing process is in my life, and the chart explains it with some of the lines in the circle.

We mainly focused on how my health would be challenging for months ahead.

That does make sense from purely a logistical standpoint because of how things have been related to my insurance and doctor’s appointments – namely, none, until I get health insurance to afford to visit more doctors – and we talked about all of this at length. Before the reading, Bella asked me what I was comfortable sharing or not. I said I was open to sharing basically everything, except for government-identifying information, so we dug in deep and at one point in particular I had some raw information to work through. Especially since this was livestreamed publically to strangers, that is a level of vulnerability that takes years of writing to build up. I don’t mind sharing that information, and in fact, I think it’s valuable to share because this was an authentic reading for me.

I think much of the information here was spot-on.

What impressed me most about astrology was that Bella had initially volunteered a Mars chart reading that reviewed information about my health history. Now, Bella could have gone through all my many essays where I wrote about all of this, but, I don’t think zie did, because the information was just close enough to be mostly accurate. Bella stated that some of those discrepancies could be because, say, I had my surgery on August 31, 2020, but key paperwork might have processed a few days earlier. From that perspective, this all makes sense for me.

Where is my level of interest in astrology now?

I don’t know much about horoscopes and some of the more complex themes of astrology still seem esoteric, but I would consider the livestream we did to be an excellent introduction to astrology for anyone that would be interested in exploring the topic at length. When I originally joined Twitch, and then used it more often, I wouldn’t have predicted that I would have been involved with a 3+ hour livestream, let alone about astrology, but that’s the value of keeping an open mind about most things. If we’re talking about numbers, this livestream didn’t make great numbers, but fortunately, I’m not concerned about “those” sorts of numbers. The number of people that use their bandwidth to watch me is still an important metric, but it’s never the most important metric – it shouldn’t be for you, and it sure isn’t for me.

What’s more important is the number of people that talk with you about it afterward.

What do they say about what you made after it’s out there? I made the whole Zombiepaper Theater set, for example, after having two different people give me the idea. One said it was like “MS Paint Theater” and another was impressed by how I used two versions of the Zombiepaper smile to recreate a scene I had experienced. Two can change the direction of a thought pattern, since after I drew Zombiepaper Theater, the person that said “MS Paint Theater” later said he was impressed to see it drawn.

The number of people that care or show interest are the most important numbers.

Something like this can be a repellant for people as well. Last night, I documented the names of my Twitch followers, as I started when I did the wall of appreciation within my Minecraft Zeal map, and I compared that number to this afternoon – I noticed I had lost two followers. When this happens, I don’t hate these people or anything, I just remove their names from the wall. I suppose both of these people could have seen this livestream announcement and, since they were both pure-videogame broadcasters that had never stopped by my livestreams, they might have unfollowed. For whatever reason, though, numbers like that don’t interest me either.

Twitch gives this weird pressure to broadcasters to worry about numbers.

The only number I worry about throughout my streams is the number of viewers, and that’s so that way I remember to put on an entertaining or educational show for them, but otherwise, it doesn’t matter to me if people unfollow or follow. Sure, it’s nicer when the funny numbers go up rather than down, but there’s no real way to control those numbers. I was streaming on a weekday, where when COVID was still impacting businesses on a global scale, people could work-and-lurk, or watch a little bit as they worked, but now I imagine most people are returning to work that can.

Better to worry about the unfunny numbers: the people that explore curiosities.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about livestreams is more a matter of writing from a different perspective than just writing about what the livestream was about – here, it was about my perspective around the livestream rather than the information within it.
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Pictures: The livestream overlay and then the astrological chart.
Written On: 2021 June 14 [9:40pm to 10:17pm]
Last Edited: 2021 June 14 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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