[Media Meandry] Building GOAT Goat

Without looking through the ENDLESS WAR logs, I brought up Bang Energy, which was later described as cartoon soda, and then someone asked a fated question: “Would people like to see some goat unicorns?[1]” From there, three of us jammed on the idea of having a goat unicorn – goaticorn – with assorted automotive enhancements. We three artists would then jam on our renditions of such a G.O.A.T. goat. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta draw these crazy ideas.

Here’s how long it took for each of the three drafts:

1st draft – Listened to a G.O.A.T. album: Black Sabbath
2nd draft – 43-minute podcast
3rd draft – 10-minute video

It’s fun to chase after random tangents like this sometimes.

It’s important, though, to remember not to overindulge in those sorts of fantasies that you want to will into existence. While I wanted to draw everything meeting the criteria I listed out, I didn’t have the time or energy to really make it pop. What’s nice about relying less on hiding mistakes in the painting/coloring process and trusting the linework is that you don’t have to worry as much about conveying information. I spent more time coloring than drawing, but that’s still something I’m working on. It’s a limitation of MS Paint, really, where I can’t just paint-fill a section without having stray pixels everywhere.

For the effort I put in, I’m happy enough with the results.

Rather than just being about art or ENDLESS WAR, I think this can apply to more.

I like the idea of getting out in life and trying new things. Health notwithstanding, I would be doing that more often now, even in the middle of COVID-19, but just with some degree of safety and responsibility. Before my spine took a turn for the worse, I could still get out and check out the area. It seems like between wearing a mask, practicing basic hygiene and sanitation, and being generally careful, we can still live our lives as we could pre-COVID-19.

It’s the same as following those urges we once had.

When we bottle up our interests, we might say “no, I shouldn’t draw this silly picture, I need to work on X or Y instead,” and that’s fine when X or Y are urgent matters. When they’re not, though, it’s fine to let the mind meander around some silly idea. I didn’t learn anything revelatory about art. It was just a fun experiment, and sometimes that’s fine enough. If I did learn anything, it was learning not to spend too much time on the finer details. Between the first draft [shown above] and the second draft [shown below], I listened through a podcast and decided I wanted to get a majority of the details laid down as quickly as I could.

With that objective in mind, I feel like I did well enough.

The toolchest and workbench with engines on wheels under it are all sketchy and not worth serious study, but my intention was giving the impression that this was a place where we three might work on goats. It’s the same as when I might go out for a drive somewhere. If the journey nor destination aren’t riveting, I don’t need to spend hours there trying to “get more” out of either. I think there’s a notion that all things need to be as gratifying as possible. Sometimes it’s fine for something to be slightly underwhelming in life.

If only because it will help other things be more impressive.

For the Album Review Game, I’ve been listening to many new albums released this year.

The album I’m currently listening to is generic and not one I would probably return to it, unless there was some factor inviting me to return with a different perspective. It’s generic prog rock. If I didn’t listen to at least a good majority of the album, though, I wouldn’t know if I would enjoy it or not. I would say the same is true for viewing art, where it might take a trivial second to view art that was created in minutes or hours, but I like to imagine the more effort one puts into their art – both in a single picture and their studies of art – the more rewarding it can be for viewers.

I still consider myself a non-artist that can just draw.

What I mean by that is that I accept that not everything will look good, so I just do the best I can with what I can do. I’ve never drawn an engine before, so I looked at a reference picture and instead of letting the thought of never having done something scare me off, I just figured, OK, just draw it. If it looks good enough, keep it. If it looks terrible or confusing, and I can’t rescue it in the coloring process, then, yeah, redraw it. But I think we’re all chasing after perfection, which is why most people don’t unlock their fullest potentials. It’s easy to be concerned over wanting to do a good job.

Once that podcast was done, with some work coloring remaining, I wrap it up quickly.

This third, and final, draft, took me about 10 minutes compared to the second draft.

I could have spent another hour coloring or making details pop. For some silly gaff picture between three artists, what’s the point of that? I don’t have the technical aptitude to match wits with the other completed entry that was submitted so far. I don’t compare my art to his art, and I don’t consider this a win/lose contest, as much as just a fun gaff to see if we can make G.O.A.T. goats. I’m happy enough with mine. Could it use work? Sure. But any more work and then it wouldn’t be as fun, which is kind of the whole point. It’s a silly joke that we took and turned into some zany thing. Not everything in life is a serious academic practice.

Sometimes it’s fine to meander into silly media.

Quotes[1] I gave all the context above, but still, citing it here, because I have this section.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I’ve been trying to write essays about things I do, even if they’re rather trivial, so I can preserve these memories and moments.
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Picture: Silly goat.
Written On: 2020 August 07 [8:28pm to 8:57pm]
Last Edited: 2020 August 07 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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